Publish at June 13 2022 Updated June 28 2022

The student job in Belgium

Legal issues of student worker status

In Belgium, there is no such thing as a student status in the eyes of the law. In fact, a student is a person who follows a training course in a secondary or university establishment. But if he wants to work during his studies, the law puts a special status on this type of employee. That's what this podcast from Juriclick on Radio Panik presents.

The speakers explain the student job. This one allows employers to pay less social contributions and the worker to have a higher net income. Be careful, however, since after a certain number of hours and according to different conditions, this status falls and thus we find ourselves in the normal rules of work.

The program also clarifies questions about sick leave, the right to benefits, the status of independent student or the collaborative economy. An essential listen for anyone wanting a student job in Belgium and particularly in the Brussels area. Moreover, it should be remembered that the figures and laws quoted are from 2022 and may be different in the future.

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