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What the summer atmosphere brings us... more than ideas

Course to really get off this summer

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Summer's Educating Space

Are you ready to really pick up the slack this summer? We sure hope so! Because any space is educational and the one that summer brings us is especially. The reason is none other than the winning formula of combining fun and playful atmosphere, able to consolidate new information in learning in record time when otherwise, in another time of the year, they would have required significantly more.

In fact, when the learning formulas offered are designed to go outside the framework of conventional teaching, a very pleasant feeling of relaxation sets in allowing to deepen the contents without resistance. The sensation of effort is perceived as less strong more gently but more intensely. Summer offers many opportunities to let go of the omnipresent pressure of the all correct, the all perfect and the all organized and allow the arrival of the singular, mysterious and fuzzy atmosphere of summer with all its possibilities, some even more surprising than others.

Welcome to summer concessions

It is now summer that new concessions can and should be granted in all areas of our lives in particular. The famous "do as if", to transform the place of learning and leisure that will truly transport us to another world for the time of learning and playful-creative experience.

Sometimes centers offering summer activities are unrecognizable and more beloved than ever with these little big changes that will last just the summer or beyond. This can be a serious game but filled with imagination and innovation; it can be physical to the space like a nice change of seating; a green grass carpet that invites itself into a room; sports rallies to be done between learning and learning...

Summer asks for a new energy, a more active energy plus with the itch to be dusted off at our most inventive wishes. It's all about transforming the mood and the atmosphere and with them our emotions.

Good weather outside and inside, more hours of sunshine if we missed them, make us more smiley and open to new experiences where concessions are allowed. The schedule that had to be followed to the letter is kept in some drawer for a while. These detours in terms of time and activities and sharing are a great mine of energy in the present moment when we live them and later if any kind of gloom arrives. They are lifelines, fantastic sources to keep going when something goes wrong!

What is your summer wish list made of?

I'm trying to guess your summer wish lists and I'm thinking they are quite appetizing!

I'm going to make up some cool, short names so we can have fun going through some of your wants.

  • Raspberry Jelly, she has one desire and that is to discover the world of ice cream. It's an idea that's been working in her since she went to the lastfood truck market (food-trucks )in Béziers where she found one that offered delicious fruit ice cream!
  • Chifoumi, on the other hand he only dreamed of creating paper. He already loved mills everywhere like those in Brittany, the one inSan Sebastià on the Costa Brava but when he found one one where they make paper he thought to himself, I'll give it a try what it's like to have my hands in the pulp!
  • Bois is a person who loves nature and art. His dream to her is to take forest baths and participate in some ephemeral art workshop the famous Land Art.
  • Salut is very sociable, but in the winter it was necessary to stay focused and he did not find as much as he wanted family and friends. The summer he will devote it to catch up duly the lack felt on both sides. If you don't know whether to be sociable or not, this reading will remind you of our vital need to develop our know-how in the matter for our well-being.
  • Casanier had completely forgotten what it was like to travel and discover new landscapes but his friend Monde convinced him to pack his bags and come and join her in her sailing club in order to regain the taste of leaving to come back better. They had shared quite a few hours of sailing once, it was time to find new adventures on the sea, oh yes.
  • Rhythm, she is picking out the coolest festivals of the summer.

I wouldn't want to share all of your wish list. The longer it remains enigmatic and reveals itself bit by bit, the more likely it is to bring you immeasurable experiences.

Mine has started since I put up the summer decor in the living room at home. The decor is changing, I am changing. Somewhere the big cleanup is done, the balcony is ready and summer can begin for good. Meetings, escapes, readings and most of all good times!"

My best summer wishes to all of you: may it be so temporally rich for you as desired! What do I mean by temporally rich? I am referring well to the quality of all those summer moments that will make you be able to say at the end: wonderful summer how I enjoyed your company!

Summer's start! Enjoy it and come back with the best version of yourself through the beautiful experiences of summer !

Image by dangquangn on Pixabay


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