Publish at September 27 2022 Updated September 28 2022

Customized soundscapes for your classroom - Free

Real soundscapes calibrated to your environment and activities

Noise in our environment, the kind we can't control, sometimes conflicts with our activities. In a classroom or school, this can affect the overall atmosphere. If we can't muffle these noises, we can at least make them less contrasting. This is what mood generators offer.

The "myNoise" mood generator can be used during your various activities, whether it's in the classroom, at work, studying, relaxing or even sleeping. To each activity its ambience.

myNoise differs from traditional "noise machines" by taking into account the context of the user.

The calibration of frequencies compensates for both the defects of the equipment used, hearing loss and the sound context where the sound ambience will be broadcast.

For example, one may want private conversations not to be overheard or to promote an atmosphere of concentration despite a noisy context. Some frequencies will be increased, others attenuated until the desired quality of sound experience is achieved.

Once the calibration is achieved, it can be applied to all the selected ambiences according to the different goals.

A mood, not a loop.

Each sound atmosphere has a number of independently generated sounds; also a sequence is never repeated or recognizable.

Around 300 sound atmospheres are proposed, natural, synthetic, vocal, acoustic, industrial, electric, urban, traditional, transportation, etc... Best of all, you can determine the importance of each ambience component and compose your own custom ambience.

An introduction page introduces what is possible with myNoise


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