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Top 10 Most famous paintings by Pablo Picasso

Overview of 10 of the most popular works by Picasso.

Pablo Picasso is maybe one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

His paintings were the key factors that determined the development of art (fine art, sculpting, and other directions), and they are still staggering the imagination with their colors, forms, and metaphors.

The source prepared a little overview of 10 of the most popular works by Picasso.

What is Pablo Picasso’s most popular painting?

A natural question arising when it’s about some famous artist is what are his most recognizable masterpieces? In the case of Pablo Picasso, it’s possible to distinguish 10 canvases as being the most widely known.

Top 10 most widely known paintings

The list of the top 10 most identifiable paintings by Picasso includes:

  • Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) — it was inspired by Bathers by Paul Cézanne and gave birth to the Cubism movement;
  • Guernica (1937) — the antiwar painting that was presented by Picasso a month after Guernica city was severely bombed;
  • La Vie (1903) — is considered the highest point of Picasso’s Blue Period, the most often interpreted as the way of Picasso’s self-perception as an artist;
  • Maquette for Guitar (1912) — a cardboard sculpture that Picasso recreated with sheets of metal two years later;
  • Glass of Absinthe (1914) — the sculpture that has six bronze copies with unique features made by Picasso;
  • Girl Before a Mirror (1932) — the canvas painted in a surrealistic manner presents the woman (artist’s secret lover) before a mirror;
  • Three Musicians (1921) — the painting in a style of synthetic Cubism, represents Picasso himself and his friends; two variants of this painting exist, and they differ in detailing and color preferences;
  • Gertrude Stein (1905-1906) — a portrait of an American writer; it reveals the first premise of the formation of the Cubism movement;
  • Dora Maar in an Armchair (1939) — a portrait representing Picasso’s vision of his lover they lived together for a year;
  • Untitled (1967) — the sculpture placed near Daley Plaza, Chicago.

Each piece of art deserves attention — both their meanings and creation histories.

Some of his works have clear interpretations, while others are mysterious with no chance to find any explanation. Read more about artists and cultural figures on Art de Vivre!

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