Publish at November 02 2022 Updated November 24 2022

Murf.AI recites your texts in a professional and lively way. [Test]

In 20 languages, in several accents, the result is impressive.

The reading of this text (in French) is available in parallel here.

Voice reading by machines has been around since before the Internet. The robotic voices of the movies are familiar to us from childhood. If this kind of voice is suitable for a movie it is quite different when it comes to extended use. Already machines often talk to us on the phone, if on top of that they start reading chapters, lectures or giving us instructions, our level of expectation increases drastically.

The use of "text to speech" services is not limited to training.

  • People with visual impairments appreciate having access to a document if the audio option is available.
  • For people who are illiterate, the audio versions make all the difference.
  • Some people who are ill or disabled can benefit from complete and detailed information if it is available in audio and not just interpretations.

The "Artificial Intelligence"

Artificial intelligence allows us to develop synthetic voices that can render the intonations and subtleties of diction specific to each language and accent and adapt them according to the subject matter. This is a far cry from monotone, robotic voices.

We tested the Murf.AI app that reads any text you offer it. You'll be able to see for yourself the progress. Available in 20 languages and even more accents, the service is pretty easy to use.

  • You copy your text;
  • Choose the desired voice, male, female;
  • Adjust the different parameters like pitch, rate, emphasis, pronunciation, etc.
  • It is even possible to add a background sound;
  • All that remains is to download the MP3 file or the sharing link.

Increase in text quality

Having your text read by an "objective" machine allows us to detect several mistakes that may have escaped our attention.

Missing letters, improper punctuation, or faulty chords will sound strange to your ears when a human reader would have automatically compensated for them. The machine reads what's there. The difference is interesting.

We have corrected a few errors in the text that are not in the audio version. Have you noticed them?

Try it. Free for personal use.


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