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Speaking to a Technical Group

Captivate its audience when speaking

Great speakers focus on voice, nonverbals, eye contact, body language, and storytelling to captivate their audiences.  Moreover, as a leader, it is possible to communicate in such a manner and in such a tone of voice so as to inspire in others nothing but an intense desire to excel, making this form, potentially, the most powerful leadership-communication skill of all. This course focuses on the fundamentals of excellent oral communication.

What you'll learn

  • Use storytelling to make a bigger impression on your audience
  • Create professional and effective presentation slides
  • Leverage voice modulation, facial expressions and non-verbal communication to effective convey your message


  • Week 1 - Knowing the Audience and the Art Of Storytelling : The most effective way to influence an audience is by speaking WITH them (not at them), and preferably in person. The speaker draws power from words, voice, and non-verbals. However, before speaking with a group, it is essential to understand who the audience is; in that way, we may offer our thoughts in the most appropriate way.
  • Week 2 - Speaking Skills : Your Ideas Brought To Life Through Voice Control, Eye Contact, Non-verbals, Facial Expressions : Synergy and charisma are created when all of the elements of verbal communication are brought together at the same time.
  • Week 3 - Slide Preparation and Site Preparation : There are many readings and videos associated with the preparation of presentation slides. What is not found there is the ART of preparing slides. Also missing in those sources the the necessity of site preparation. We'll cover the science and the art here.
  • Week 4 - Final Preparation and Rehearsal : Rehearsal and final preparation, the MOST important steps in preparing to speak, are most often neglected.

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