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The visualizer, a multifunctional tool for the teacher in class or at a distance

Test the G5-OYO document viewer and ideas for use

Generation 5 OYO Document Viewer

The viewer is a very practical multifunctional tool for the teacher or trainer. In the classroom, it facilitates and expands the use of a video projector or an IWB (interactive whiteboard), an IBN (interactive digital board) or an IDS (interactive digital display).

In distance learning during a video conference, it allows to film with a different angle of his webcam and to zoom on a document. It can be very useful in flipped classroom, to record videos before a lesson. It can also be used for frame-by-frame video animation.

It works very simply, it is a small USB camera on a stand that films in real time and sends the images to the wall or board using a video projector in class or broadcasts them to a computer via a video conferencing tool in online training. 

Testing and Reviews of the G5-OYO Document Viewer

We had the opportunity to test the Generation 5 OYO viewer, here is our feedback on this hardware :

  • small and easily transportable device with its articulable and foldable arm

  • simplicity of the first time we got to grips with the device, thanks to the small quick guide and the limited number of functionality buttons on the camera
    • articulated stand allowing good shots
    • good quality of images and videos
    • auto-focus allowing quick sharp focus
    • good adjustable brightness
    • USB cable length of 1m50, very practical to make its manipulations

  • Smart Presenter software provided via a CD-Rom or URL, currently essential because more and more computers no longer have a reader
    • very intuitive software to view images or videos, capture or save them
    • rotation and annotation of images possible
    • zoom up to 8 times, practical for observing details for disciplines requiring precision like life and earth sciences

What's the purpose of a viewer?

The tool allows many everyday uses in the classroom or online such as  : 

  • the distribution of a textbook page, a document
  • the presentation of a work to be done or the corrections of an exercise
  • the presentation of a group work achievement or a student as a presentation 
  • the presentation a scientific experiment or another manipulation in geometry, technology...
  • the presentation of a small object by zooming on it, of an observation in life sciences and earth sciences (SVT)
  • the realization of movies frame by frame (Stop Motion animation, Time-Lapse).

To teachers or trainers to find the use of a visualizer the most appropriate to the level of students, the discipline taught or the modality of teaching (face-to-face, distance, blended learning). This tool can also be used in companies for product, packaging or prototype presentation or to film tutorials (help in using technical equipment, step-by-step in creative hobbies...).

We particularly appreciated the document viewer G5-OYO, which is very easy to use and offers good value for money (coupon code at the bottom of the article) and allows for a multitude of uses both in the classroom and in e-learning.

Generation 5, a publisher for education, also offers other very good quality visualizers, with an articulating arm. They also have a complementary metal stand very handy that makes shooting easier and is adaptable to any viewer. 

We recommend the company Generation 5 for the fast delivery and the efficiency of their after sales service.

Take advantage of the promo code THOT-G5OYO offering a 5% discount on the G5-OYO document viewer for Thot Cursus readers!

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