Publish at September 22 2008 Updated January 26 2023

Europeana - Europe's Cultural Collections

Think culture!

Europeana was a prototype online library developed by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, as part of the European Digital Library project; the EUL was intended to be built in "successive bricks" of contributions from different member countries... the project has become more refined and has now become a living repository of digital resources from European museums, libraries, archives, and audiovisual collections.

More than 1500 institutions have collaborated on Europeana, so whether you find a famous work or a lesser-known object, Europeana always refers to the original source of the work so you can be sure of its authenticity:

  • Images - paintings, prints, maps, photographs and drawings owned by museums;
  • Text - books, journals, letters, diaries and archival papers;
  • Sounds - music and sound collections of phonograms, tapes, records and radio broadcasts;
  • Videos - films, newsreels, and television programs.

Various search criteria make searching easy. Users can also compose their own online library, which includes all of their searches, they can create tags or digital bookmarks that will allow them to find any document using keywords.

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