Publish at October 05 2014 Updated August 03 2022

The Bézier curve game

A little game on the Internet that allows you to practice the infamous pen tool on Photoshop and its famous Bézier curves

Graphic artists and designers appreciate the "pen," the curve-drawing tool on graphics editing software like Photoshop. This tool allows you to create precise drawings, a property appreciated by illustrators. Except that mastering Bézier curves isn't really within the reach of the average person; the manipulations seem uninstinctive to neophytes.

So, for newcomers or those uncomfortable with the tool, was designed "The Bézier Game."

The fewer points the more

The player is immediately placed in the bath with five tutorial levels that explain the basics. Thus, the user will understand the principle of the points (nodes) to be placed and what manipulations to perform to create curves that match the plots.

If the beginnings are relatively simple (a corner, a polygon, a circle, a heart), the real levels of the game will be very difficult. The first one, a car will require long moments to all those who are not used to the tool. And the following ones will not be easier (airplane, paper clip, wrench) and will require time to practice. Especially since for each design, the goal is to use as few dots as possible.


Created by interactive designer Mark MacKay, the "game" is thus meant to be more of a way to practice than an actual game. However, there is an addictive aspect to the idea of drawing the figure with the fewest nodes. Although the game is in English, there is very little text and words to understand in order to try it; the manipulations in the tutorials are explained by visuals!

"The Bézier Game" requires patience since you will have to start over very often to succeed...but real mastery comes at that price. A game not to be recommended to impulsive people.


The Bézier Game. Accessed October 1, 2014.

Joyce, Britanny. "Master The Pen Tool With The Bézier Game." Last updated September 22, 2014.

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