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Subscription by username and password

Individual (personal email address)

    Euros $ca $us
3 months
45 6552
1 year
95 130105

Institutional (institutional email address)

  Euros$ca $us
1 year    

Discount: 2 years -10%

Additional subscriptions within the same institution are charged 95 euros - $130 CAD - 105$us.

For multiple subscriptions or by purchase order and invoice, contact: [email protected]

Institutional pro subscription

Increase your public presence and visibility.

This subscription includes:

  • the subscription to the full edition;
  • the institution's listing in the Thot Cursus directory;
  • access to the input interface for adding resources((events, courses, products, publications), without limit.
  • promotion in newsletters distributed to 36,000 subscribers
  • monthly performance report,
1 an  
800 €
 1050 $ca 
815 $us

For more details or for a purchase order and invoice subscription, contact the Subscriptions Manager: [email protected].

CP Subscription (Public Communications)

The CP subscription addresses the needs of research institutions. It includes:

  • access to the full edition of Thot Cursus;
  • institution listing in the directory;
  • regular editorial coverage and promotion* (may include external thematic monitoring if desired.)
  • monthly performance report.

For ordering or details, contact [email protected]

Fréquence Euros S ca
CP 4
4 / an - 1 par saison 1 200
1 580
CP 12
12 / an - 1 par mois 1 840 2 400
CP 42
42 / an - 1 par semaine 4 480 5 850

Per piece   -   170

IP subscription - via proxy server

This subscription allows direct access, without a login, to any network member.

  • access to the full edition
  • registration in the directory
  • the monitoring of your activities and achievements.
  • monthly performance report.

This is the most beneficial subscription for an educational institution.

People with access to the networkIncludes:Euros$ca
less than 100Directory listing  1200
1 580
1 225
Up to 20002 articles2 525
3 300
2 500
More than 2000Monthly watch51706 750 
5 220

For ordering or details, contact [email protected]

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