Virginie Guignard Legros

Head of the Educational, Technological and Urban Research Laboratory

Head of the Educational, Technological and Urban Research Laboratory

Training :

    1996 - Architect Urbanist DPLG (France)

Online Continuing Education:

    2018 - "Blockchain Basics" University Buffalo & State University of New York
    2017 - "Educational innovation that you are the hero" UMONS
    2017 - "Accessibility of digital tools and applications for people with disabilities" University of Bordeaux Inria
    2015 - "Understanding Transmedia Storytelling" Bordeaux Montaigne University
    2015 - "Honor Code Certificate for U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self" U.Lab
    2014 - "Certificate for Design and Development of Educational Technology" MITx
    2014 - "The Future of Decision Making: Knowing and Acting in Complexity" Essec Business School
    2014 - "GSE2x: Leaders of Learning" edX Harvard University Graduate School of Education
    2014 - "Creating a MOOC from A to Z" by ENS Cachan

Areas of work :

    2022 - Head of the Research Lab for Abundance REGENERATION MATRIX university's internal projects and training programs, the ANGELS Network of REGENERATION MATRIX group for Living PEACE programs with one branch dedicated to resilience, another dedicated to the Metaverse (Blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality), and another to Reasoned Urbanism .

    Since 2018 - Responsible for facilitating towards the MOOC GdP online project management training for members of its ANGELS teams of REGENERATION MATRIX group and members of civil society in IVORY COAST, BENIN, BURKINA FASO, CHAD, MALI, BURUNDI, REPUBLIC OF GUINEA, TUNISIA, MOROCCO, CENTRAL AFRICA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, NIGER, SENEGAL, TOGO.

    Since 2018 - Founder of an online incubator with transnational project groups since 2018 to do online trainings including Ephemeral trainings on WhatsApp, business project studies, association projects, local or international development projects.

    2018 - Creator of community governance digital projects (Blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality) with a sovereign sub-layer at REGENERATION MATRIX group for very large communities including our victim communities or part of which is dedicated to voting.

    From 2015 to 2018 - Coordinator and creator of online training on MOODLE for the GoP-Lab of MOOC GoP.

Participates in:

    Experimental workgroups on the themes of collective intelligence and knowledge management such as the Cercle APE in Paris or the Collab du Savoir in Quebec City.

    Collective writing works including the book published in July 2017: "Let's dare the Learning Circle", articles on education management in the Canadian online magazine Thot Cursus.


    The International TOP 100 LEADERS IN LEARNING Award by GEFL in December 2018.

    The Recognition about action for Peace 2020 in Books of the Peace in ITALY.

    The international OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD by EDUCATION 2.0 in April 2022.

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