Conditions for approval of publicity

1- The product, service or technology is related to education or e-learning

Accepted examples:     

  • An online course, a Mooc
  • An educational book
  • 3D design software, bridge building software
  • An anti-plagiarism service
  • A call for tenders or a job related to education
  • A scientific conference

Examples rejected:     

  • A novel or movie ad
  • An online shooting game, a casino
  • A car rental service
  • A vacation trip draw
  • A dating service
  • A site selling beauty products, bitcoins, drugs

2- Original Text

The content presented is original and unique and the advertiser owns the rights.

3- English text

    Except for a language course.

4- Terms and Abbreviations

    Abbreviations should be defined at their first appearance

    Ex.:     "The BCC (Business Certified Canada) license granted by ARCOFF (Association Reputation Canada Office)..."

5- Claims and verified data

     Promotional claims are true and verifiable.

6- Direct link to the item presented

     Links must lead to the product presented and not to the general site of the organization unless the item presented is on the referred page.

7- Image owned or licensed under CC

The promoter must own the rights to the images he uses and they must be of sufficient size (width 600, height 400 min.) Format .png, .jpg or .gif.

Modification or refund 

If a promotion is rejected, the promoter will be informed and may :

  • either correct to comply with the conditions of approval;
  • or they will receive a full refund as soon as we receive their response, if they are unable or unwilling to comply.

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