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Free serious games - 2021

Nearly 200 educational games on a variety of subjects, for all ages.

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    For toddlers

    1. Taka Fun: A series of small games and puzzles that practice shape and color identification in addition to, for older kids, arithmetic and conjugation. A great site for kids on rainy days. suite

    Administration - Finance - Marketing

    1. Money Fit: To build a balanced budget for a cultural event. A good game to teach teenagers, through a virtual cultural activity, about borrowing, debt, savings, etc. suite

    2. Stock Market Simulation Trader ST: Want to play the stock market without losing a dime? A simple registration and you can play stock market speculator. The game is based on the current stock market movements. suite

    3. The Beer Game: In this four-player team game, you'll be responsible for the coordination and profitability of a beer supply chain. This MIT simulation captures the vagaries and demands that such a business requires. A must-read for business and management students! suite

    4. Games about economics and finance: Not fun, economics? Come on now! The Cité de l'Économie offers a variety of serious game titles to learn more about money, finance, the European Central Bank and more. suite

    5. The Wood Game: A multiplayer game from Laval University that simulates the business relationships between the forestry industry and its customers. A complex but comprehensive game that requires good management skills. suite

    6. Economics Games: A site aimed at economics teachers who want to teach or review economic principles to their students. Mostly in English, the site includes a game translated into French as well as the rules for all the other games. suite

    7. Backstage Game: This serious game wants to show teenagers all the steps needed to set up a project. An interesting playful approach, a game of which will last over several days. suite

    8. Cit€co: A serious game that puts the player in charge of a series of stores that are located in different cities. To win you will have to adopt the right strategies and beat the virtual players. suite

    9. Miniconomy: Economic life is often seen as a big game. This simulation confirms this, allowing players to play a trader who must successfully triumph over his competitors. suite

    10. Finance Mission Heroes: New. Superheroes are popular with games. For example, a Swiss bank realized that the theme could be used to teach young people about saving and budgeting. suite

    11. TagVille: New. An electronic music band has their instruments disappear before a huge concert. Players will have to get them some, learning the basics of economics like budgeting, saving, etc. sequel

    12. ManageCar: New. Placed in charge of a fledgling car rental business, players will have to manage the budget. An interesting challenge that fits well into a school setting. suite

    13. The Uber Game: New. The sharing economy is becoming more and more prevalent. For many people, being an Uber driver or delivering food is extra income. But does it pay so well? An American game shows all sides of this economic approach. suite

    Food - Agriculture

    1. Sim Agri: Ever dreamed of a little piece of agricultural heaven where you raise animals and grow crops? Sim Agri offers a complete simulation of life as a farmer where you'll have to think of everything to make your patch of land thrive. suite

    2. That Cow Game: Many people have no problem with humans slaughtering cows for food. What if, conversely, a cow slaughtered humans to meet food needs? A game that might make some players vegetarians. suite

    3. Yamy and food: New. Eating a balanced diet isn't always easy to understand. Alimentarium offers an experience where the player controls a small creature and must consume food on a course but avoid bingeing afterwards.

    4. The Adventures of Koam: New. An original game about good eating habits. The player is in control of a sorcerer's apprentice who must restore the nutritional balance of the peoples of a world. suite

    Architecture - Construction - Building

    1. Empire Immo: This online browser-based management game will test players' strategic abilities. From a small real estate tycoon, the smartest ones will be able to become mayor of this virtual city. suite

    Visual Arts

    1. The Bézier Curve Game: (in English) Photoshop's pen tool is accurate, but very demanding since it requires mastering the Bézier curve. To practice this technique, a difficult browser-based game challenges both novice and seasoned graphic designers. suite

    2. Mission Zigomar: In this serious game designed by the museums of Paris, players are in control of children who attempt to take over all the paintings in the museums of Paris from a naughty character. An original and well-realized way to educate young people about the wealth of museums in the City of Light. suite

    Biology - Nature

    1. Golly: Want to know how life developed in the original stock? Golly is a simulator/game that lets you watch cellular automata evolve based on factors you choose. suite

    2. Games about biology: The Science Space offers various small playful experiments on both environmental and biological themes including biodiversity and natural selection.

    3. Phylo: Sequencing a genome seems out of reach? Yet through a complicated, but interesting, logic game, you could help real researchers better understand genetics and, in the process, cure diseases.suite

    4. Some interactive wildlife games: Offered on the website of an American show interested in wildlife, these little games are a good way to understand the different realities of the animals that populate our planet. From cheetahs to sea turtles, there's something for everyone! suite

    5. Nature Educational Game Bank: A series of over 100 quizzes and small games on scientific topics. The goal? To popularize the phenomena of nature for the youngest to learn more about ecology, all in a fun way. suite

    6. Termitia: The advantage of the game is that it allows to simulate environments. Thus, this game that requires good computer resources plunges the player directly into the bowels of a termite mound. An adventure that gives chills in addition to learning more about termites. sequel

    7. Following in Darwin's Footsteps in the Galapagos: New. Darwin had a major impact on biology with his theory of evolution. This fun experiment explains what the naturalist's trip to the South American archipelago contributed to this science of life. suite

    8. Nowatera: New. How do we explain the principle of biodiversity? What if we transpose a situation with space conquest? A human colony must develop on a new planet without destroying alien ecosystems. suite

    Law and Justice

    1. The Man with the Harpoon: It's not easy for ex-convicts to reintegrate into society once they leave prison. This interactive experiment wants to show internet users the limited choices and reality of reintegration. suite

    Aid - Volunteer - Citizenship

    1. 3rd world farmer: Regardless of location, being a farmer is not easy. In a situation of precariousness and a tense social climate like that of Third World countries, it quickly becomes unbearable. This is what this serious game shows us, which will leave no one indifferent. suite

    Environment - Sustainable Development

    1. Forestia: As the owner of a virtual forest, you will have to ensure the balance between economic activities (logging, hunting, tourism) while protecting an ecosystem with a rich biodiversity. A good way to learn about the forestry sector. suite

    2. Let Go: As a monster takes over the minds of the inhabitants of a house to overconsume energy, you'll play a robot who must, in 9 minutes, fix these wastes using various items you find around the house.continued

    3. Artisans of Change: Here is a game from Quebec, where the goal is to create and grow a business while watching out for its impacts on the planet and society. This game will make you aware of the different dimensions of sustainable development: social, economic, environmental.

    4. Knowing and Safeguarding Water Quality : A series of short, but teaching young children the importance of conserving what is now called blue gold. Even old, the site is still relevant on all things water.suite

    5. The Little Prince and the Wind: Based on the TV series itself inspired by Saint-Exupéry's novel, the character of the Little Prince is featured in a short, fun module that wants to teach youngsters how a wind turbine works. The module is a little incomplete, but it gives an insight into the energy industry that wind can produce. suite

    6. Born Somewhere: A game created as an accompaniment to an exhibition that wants to show how economic, social, environmental and other development is done in the countries of the southern hemisphere. An experience that will give some hope about the future of human communities. suite

    7. Renewable Energy: The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is one of the challenges of this century. This fun module aimed at primary school children aims to show the full potential of renewable energy. suite

    8. Compost Challenge: New. A mobile game that explains not only the principles of waste sorting but also composting. An addictive experience to understand composting. suite

    9. Ice Flows: New While we feel climate change little by little, its effect can seem abstract, especially when it comes to the two poles. A serious game shows us the dramatic effects of warming on the wildlife that inhabits these normally frozen links.

    10. Mission 1.5 Degrees : New. A serious game created in the wake of the Paris Conference by the UN. By locating yourself geographically and answering questions, it is possible to understand the effects of everyday life on global warming. suite


    1. Geography games: More than a dozen interactive maps are available where you will have to identify countries, cities in Europe and the world, French departments and even the origin of French cheeses! A site that is quickly addictive as you want to improve your scores.

    2. French Departments: A downloadable game where you will have to place not only the French departments, but also the prefectures, sub-prefectures and regions. To master French geography or learn more about it.

    3. Geography Quiz: Daily quizzes about world geography and other related topics (flags, currencies, etc.) With its ranking system, competitive people will take a daily spin and learn more about geography at the same time! suite


    1. Disaster Preparedness: Developed by ISDR, this game engages you in preparing various populated areas for natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc). A game that requires coolness and good management skills. suite

    2. MarcoPolo Weather: New. This iOS app is aimed at 4 to 6 year olds. They will be able to play with the different weather phenomena whether it is rain, wind, temperature, etc. suite


    1. Moonbase Alpha: This NASA-designed downloadable game puts you in the shoes of an astronaut who must make sure a lunar station is viable. A program that encourages cooperation and helps you understand the complexity of an astronaut's tasks in space. suite

    2. S.O.S. Mission Water: A serious game mixing skill and management to explain to the youngest the structures that bring drinking water to homes. A game available on both browser and tablet. suite

    3. Aquacity Game: A serious game, available on tablet and browser, which puts the player in control of the aqueduct network in the Cannes basin. A game that raises players' awareness of the importance of water services and the efforts made to maintain them. sequel

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