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Free serious games 2 - 2021!

Nearly 200 educational games on a variety of subjects, for all ages.

Here is the continuation of our directory of nearly 200 free serious games on all subjects. To save you from browsing a very long list, we suggest that you click below on the topics that interest you. This will take you directly to the heart of the category you want. Beware, some topics are on the first page, so don't be surprised if your browser kicks in!

Happy discovering, and good games!

    History - Archaeology - Anthropology

      1. Assault: Following the premise of the books in which you are the hero, you take on the role of a soldier in the trenches of the First World War. Your choices will then influence your life or death. A cathartic cartoon reenactment that will touch the youngest. suite
      2. Historical Games: Do you know your kings of France? And the great dates of the twentieth century, could you place them on a timeline? Jeux Historiques allows you to test yourself while having fun. By the creators of Geographic Games. suite

      3. Scandal at Delphi: In the manner of a "book in which you are the hero," you will be led to investigate the thief of the laurel crown. An independent game from a history-geography teacher, a pretext to plunge us into the heart of ancient Greece. A good companion to study the Hellenic people of yesteryear.suite

      4. The Roman city: Aimed at the youngest, the game allows you to understand the different parts of the cities of the Roman Empire and to make one by respecting some rules of urban planning of the time. A lot of information as much on the buildings as on the citizens, a good complement to understand this people of antiquity. suite

      5. Type:Rider: A platform game by the TV channel to explain the history of writing from the Stone Age to the present day. It's beautifully made and has a ton of information about, among other things, the fonts that appear in our word processors. However, only the first five levels are free to try. sequel

      6. Living in the time of castles: The time of castles holds a lot of fascination for people, often being visited by tourists. This serious game offers to literally immerse yourself in this era to learn what life was like within the walls of these fortifications. suite

      7. Gueule d'Ange : New. Thanks to the archives, we understand a little better what happened during the First World War. A serious game from the Yvelines department shows how these documents can be used to trace the genealogy of a soldier. suite

      8. Life in the Middle Ages: New. While the fantasy literature that young people are so fond of has picked up some elements of the Middle Ages, few of them actually know anything about this period. This game allows them to understand how the different strata of the population lived. suite

      9. Ile Perrot, did you know? : New. For its 350th anniversary, Île Perrot decided to create quizzes about its long history. A short but instructive experience to learn more about this important Quebec territory. suite

      10. Informatics - Internet

        1. Yoogle: Like a game of goose, you move around squares allowing you to learn about current events in digital identity. Not very fun, but very rewarding in terms of content, the game in development will certainly improve in the coming weeks.

        2. ICT knowledge test - Memoclic : So many information and communication technologies... Do you find yourself there? A comprehensive series of quizzes allows you to quickly test that computer knowledge and learn more. suite

        3. Privacy Pirates: An Internet privacy quiz aimed at kids. All in a friendly pirate atmosphere. suite

        4. Prog & Play: Strategy games requiring knowledge of computer programming since you will have to program the behavior of your units to win. An interesting exercise that could be used by computer science teachers. suite

        5. Grab the mouse!: Handling a mouse, a gesture that seems obvious to computer afficionados. However, for neophytes, it is not simple. This French site offers not only tutorials, but also little games to learn how to use this essential tool. suite

        6. Code Combat: Learning JavaScript can quickly prove to be and abstract and boring. With Code Combat, this is no longer the case. Players learn the basics of JavaScript and must move a character through a fantasy world reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons. suite

        7. Escouade B: The Internet is full of information, but little ones can't always discern good from bad. This game created by the Montreal public library system takes the routes of the said city's subway to battle nasty monsters that nasty websites have spawned. suite

        8. Info Hunters: A serious game that puts the player in the shoes of a budding journalist who must write copy in order to get promotions. But he will have to learn how to discern good information from bad information on social networks. A considerable challenge, knowing that he has to produce articles regularly. suite

        9. Games to learn programming: New. Is it possible to learn how to program without having to take a course? These little games developed by the French company Toxicode are, at least, a gateway for the youngest to play with code. suite

        10. Little A.I. : New. Algorithms are part of our lives but few of us understand it. This game for mobile devices from Apple tries to popularize the principle of artificial intelligence. suite

        11. Datak - game about personal data: New. This award-winning game puts teens in the shoes of an intern at a town hall who must use new technology well. A clever reminder of all the trails that can be left online. suite

        12. Le P'tit Libé: New. The Internet is a jungle for information. Consequently, it's easy to get lost in it and to be fooled. The daily Libération shows it well with this small interactive module. suite

        13. Java programming with Blockly Games : New. Programming in Java can seem daunting to a neophyte. Yet, this series of games makes it easier by using blocks of commands to better understand this computer language. sequel

        14. Zoom Zoom Okapi: New. The world of the Internet is made up of images. Yet, we can make an image say anything we want. This mobile game shows various zoomed-in images. Young people have to guess what the real image shows.

        15. Fency Drone: New. A very simple mobile game about data protection. Small drones fly over the screen and try to offer various sites and emails. You'll have to open and close boxes to protect yourself from online dangers.

        16. I agree! : New. Young adults, of course, use every digital tool at their disposal. Except that in the process of constantly sharing data, they forget the risks. This interactive story explains the phenomenon well by simulating the organization of a wedding. suite


        1. Theme: For those who want to learn the French language or want to help people learn it, we recommend this massively multiplayer game (MMORPG). You just have to create an avatar and increase your score. How do you do it? By using the French language as much as possible, by communicating with others. An original idea for learning French as a second language. suite

        2. Francofête language games: Different games designed for the Francophonie week in 2013. Anagrams, charades, etymology and other mini-games for the happiness of Francophiles!

        3. Games to improve your French: French is a complex language. To master all its subtleties and avoid writing mistakes, this extensive series of games from the Centre Collégial de Développement de Matériel Didactique is highly recommended. Beware! The level of difficulty is very high. suite

        4. The Hangman Game in Different Languages: The famous website offers the classic Hangman Game to learn, among others, English, Spanish, Italian or Polish. Nothing revolutionary, but you will spend a lot of time there as well as on the English quizzes.

        5. The dictionary game: Will we be able to identify words from their definition as stated in the dictionary? Cerebra-games takes this idea and offers an online version of the dictionary game. A simple concept, but terribly addictive. suite

        6. Games to review English vocabulary (in English): This American site offers short, addictive games to review adjectives, verbs and common nouns in the English language. A must-visit for young language learners who want to see where they stand. suite

        7. Ta parole est en jeu: A series of five games that celebrate the diversity of French spoken in different regions of Canada. An interesting multiplayer experience that showcases charming Acadian, Manitoba, Quebec and other expressions. suite

        8. Lern Deutsch: Die Stadt der Wörter: An online multiplayer game available as a browser and mobile app that teaches basic German vocabulary. As the adventure progresses, players can obtain coins to customize their avatar and challenge other players to vocabulary exercises. suite

        9. Battaklang: New.Luxembourgish may be marginal, but it's still a language that may interest some. Thus, a fun mobile app has been created that allows you to learn this particular language.

        10. Triton Sees Red: New. Contrary to what its name would suggest, no connection to the aquatic animal. Rather, it is an investigator who will need the player to complete his investigation. A comic book game that practices reading, comprehension and logic in adults who need to work on these skills. suite


        1. The Treasure Hunt: Asked to collect five treasures around a rocky island, you'll have to find a way to get them all without running out of fuel. A daunting challenge that requires the use of mathematical vectors. suite

        2. The Race Without a Winner: How do you get multiple cars with different driving patterns to a finish line at the same time? This game offers you to find the solution to this question. Combining science and math, this race will force you to rack your brains.

        3. (in English): Although the site is English-speaking, the mathematical operations that constrain its subject matter know no language barriers. A multitude of small interactive games requiring young people to answer multiplications are offered on this American site. There's plenty to choose from. suite

        4. Akinator: When it first came out, this game enjoyed a terrific "buzz" on social networks: you think of someone and in less than five questions, Akinator guesses the person they are! Logic is at work there and the art is then to find the type of algorythms used to quickly eliminate a large number of possibilities...Guaranteed success in math class!

        5. Clicmathématique: An original way for young people in late primary and early secondary school to revise or learn their mathematics: they'll play a clerk in a shop who will have to answer questions covering 34 mathematical concepts. The initiative is part of the larger Science at Play world. suite

        6. The Awale Game: This mobile adaptation of the African board game teaches thinking and especially mathematical calculation to anticipate what the opponent will do. A pastime accessible to all since the site provides the rules of the game. suite

        7. At the Challenge: Aimed at elementary school kids, this game from TFO places the player in a game space where numbers are walking around. The player must walk over the correct numbers and operation signs to obtain the required result. A game that requires both a good arithmetic mind and a skill. suite

        8. Euclidea (in English): New. Euclid was one of the most important mathematicians of antiquity. So, in his honor, Euclidea offers a huge range of geometric games on browser or smartphone. A good advanced geometry companion for high school students. suite


        1. Who Sings?: This game invites you to identify songs by listening to just snippets. Multiple musical forms and genres are offered and there is a great challenge as you have to answer fairly quickly after each excerpt. An essential for music lovers!

        2. Isle of Tune. A true UFO on the web, Isle of Tune lets you compose music by creating a city. Each object corresponds to a note and the roads serve as postings, since by driving cars on them you play the score. An extraordinary experience. suite

        3. Incredibox: BeatBox is an increasingly fashionable style of music. But to understand what makes it so successful and how to create beats, a fun online app lets you create BeatBox choruses. Fans will spend time there creating the best piece of music. suite

        Vocational Guidance

        1. First Fights: One of the most gripping interactive films of the past few years, First Fights puts us in the shoes of a young carpenter's apprentice who is crazy about boxing and wants to get out of his troubled past. A great platform to promote trades training with its slick and immersive production. sequel

        2. Blocus: Young men and women are not always aware of the academic requirements for assignments and exams. A serious game module created by a Belgian university aims to prepare them for this new stage in their education. suite

        3. Mission Behave: Aimed at future and current apprentices, this serious game wants to show them how they should behave in their learning environment. Using a science fiction theme, the game will allow players to experience six vocational streams. suite

        4. Contigo: New. The role of educational advisor in a training institution is essential. This Quebec module places the player in the role of someone who must guide learners in the recognition of prior learning and competencies. suite

        5. APEC Job Interview Simulator: New. There are various interview simulators but this one is particularly well done. It adapts depending on whether you are the recruiter or the applicant for an executive position. This one even adapts to different situations. suite


        1. Physica: The Science in Play platform is getting another fun title. Players will have to use physics (gravity, propulsion, etc.) to move small robots and collect stars. A game that requires a lot of thought and patience. suite

        2. Physifolies: Who says all quizzes have to be boring? This one certainly isn't. An interactive quiz, it delves into many topics of physics and is sure to amuse anyone interested in this complex yet wonderful science. suite

        3. Physics games: An American site collects dozens of games that base their game mechanics on physics. Nice and easy to pick up titles to understand more about physics principles. suite

        4. The Slowness of Light: The famous MIT offers a downloadable game that allows Internet users to almost feel the speed of light on their computer. To live this unique experience, the player will have to collect colored balls. An experience that takes your breath away! suite

        5. Colorland: A fun and unique experiment created by a French physics professor to tackle color synthesis. Large colored cubes totally change the hues of a bucolic environment. Players will have to note these effects and explain them. suite

        6. Simple machines: Levers, tilt planes and the like seem simple, yet they are based on some very interesting physics principles. This fun module from the Cité des sciences allows younger children to understand and experiment with these principles. suite

        Politics - Public Administration

        1. The Redistricting Game: U.S. elected officials have a free hand to redraw the electoral map. A California university created this serious game to expose these partisan changes and promote a fairer democracy in the United States. sequel

        2. The Isolator: The designers of 2025 ExMachina had a novel idea for teaching teenagers to debate social issues. Here, everything takes the form of a game where it is as important to argue well as to listen to the arguments of the opposing sides. An essential game for future generations able to have civilized and intelligent debates. sequel

        3. Stairway to Tax Heaven: New. Tax havens regularly make headlines. This money lost by states represent huge sums. During the Panama Papers, Le Monde created a serious game putting us in the shoes of people wanting to invest money in less taxed places. suite

        4. The Senate in play: New. The Senate is a very important French political institution. Yet few young people understand its role in the state. A series of small games and quizzes help to better understand the responsibilities of senators. suite

        5. I love potatoes: New. Changing society is hard, it starts one step at a time. A fun game in the form of an allegory created by the NFB helps young people in late elementary and early high school understand what it means to be a "change-maker." sequel

        6. The Good, the Bad and the Uber: New. To address the issue of corruption in Europe, this game puts players in the shoes of a chief of staff for a metropolitan mayor. This will require making tough ethical decisions to keep her job. suite


        1. Elude: A gameplay experience that scores. Intended as an allegory of moods, this platform game will help understand how the world of depression always tends to lead our character to very dark emotions... suite

        2. Stop Violence!: Too many French middle school students are being harassed. To understand what victims go through, a serious game has been designed by the creators of 2025 Ex Machina and l'Isoloir. An essential complement for a discussion on violence in schools. suite

        3. ISIS the end? : New. The phenomenon of radicalization is difficult to understand. Why do young people join groups like ISIS? This serious game allows through investigations to better understand what is behind each story. suite

        4. #[email protected]: New. The phenomenon of bullying in middle school is still relevant. To better understand the phenomenon, this role-playing game designed by middle schoolers will bring all the elements to light. suite

        5. Short games about sociology and anxiety (in English):New. Humans are complex creatures, but there are sciences that manage to explain them. An American developer has set up free mini-games to explain human behaviors, particularly how the brains of anxious people work. suite

        Health - Hygiene - Prevention

        1. Ludo Medic: An exploration game for kids to learn about the hospital environment. Looking forward to the upcoming modules for adults, seniors and health professionals themselves! suite

        2. Tonight, He Concludes: An interactive adventure that cleverly tackles the topic of teen drinking. To be able to seduce the one he loves, the protagonist will have to use a few strategies and, above all, avoid getting too drunk. suite

        3. Brain Training Games: The brain includes so many areas that control different functions and activities. To stimulate our neurons, TV5 offers 15 challenging games. An intense workout program that will invigorate the gray matter, guaranteed! suite

        4. Mosquitoes give us dengue: It's a well-known fact that mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as dengue fever or West Nile virus. To learn more about these insects, the Essonne Knowledge Bank has designed a short game module that includes enough information to guard against bites. suite

        5. Vis ma vue: Thousands of students in France are affected by vision disorders. A game prepared by the Canopé network raises awareness among their peers and, moreover, school authorities about the difficulties these children may experience on a daily basis through 8 short missions.

        6. GlucoZor: Like a tamagotchi, this game allows you to take care of a cute diabetic dinosaur in real time. You will have to take care of it, entertain it and especially feed it well, taking into account its blood sugar level. An original way to treat diabetes with the little ones. suite

        7. Socrates Challenge : New. Doctors are trained to diagnose illnesses quickly and efficiently. Some rarer ones require more practice. This game allows you to experiment with virtual patients with rare ailments, dermatological and neurological problems. suite

        8. Petrha - a game for physical therapists : New. Aging comes with its own set of pathologies. In order to prepare European physiotherapists to better diagnose geriatric patients, a serious game has been developed along with a MOOC. suite

        9. Prevention Domicile : New. Many people work in home help in France. However, they are not always aware of the dangers in the domestic sphere. This serious game reminds us of the behaviors and elements to have in mind in this field. suite

        10. Lumine: New. Receiving a cancer diagnosis as a child can be quite distressing for both child and parent. This game developed by the Pasteur Clinic and the Toulouse University Hospital provides some insight into what happens next. suite

        11. Take Care, an interactive story: New. This interactive mobile narrative focuses on patient rights. A brief interactive experience that often reminds us of things that are ignored by the general public. suite

        Science, General

      11. Science en jeu : A platform for online scientific games, Science en jeu is presented as a territory composed of islands, each one dedicated to a discipline (aeronautics, environment, health...). Some of the games offered are presented in this directory, but there are still many to discover. suite

      12. Pedago Games : New. A portal covering in game as much the life and earth sciences as the humanities and also French. From kindergarten to 12th grade, everyone can have fun and learn. suite

      13. An educational activity base: New. This site brings together various fun activities that can be used in a school setting. Whether it's math, French or programming, teachers would do well to check it out. suite

      14. Africatik: New. An essential platform that brings together African games and exercisers in various subjects ranging from math to various sciences including chemistry. suite

      15. PowerZ: New. A serious game that has decided to adopt real codes from popular games. In a detailed fantasy world, players will be able to learn about astronomy, perform mathematical operations, and hear ancient myths, among other things. suite

      16. Sports and Recreation

        1. Défifoot: Without being a perfect simulation of the sport of football, Défifoot puts you in the shoes of a team's coach. You will then have to manage these virtual players, develop game strategies, organize matches, analyze the results of these and adapt your "coaching" accordingly. The game is completely free for one month and after that you have to pay 2 euros per month if you want to play with all the privileges. That said, the experience is still enjoyable without all the options. suite

        Transport - Navigation

        1. Virtual Reggata: Ever dreamed of experiencing a sailing competition on the open ocean? This online game allows you to follow these great competitions in a virtual regatta. You will have to learn, like professional skippers, to master the winds, speed, course and weather without the inconvenience of currents and damage to the boat. A technical game, but one that allows you to travel inexpensively. suite

        2. Mission Refueling: A serious game about small aircraft refueling practices. The player will have to find the right order of actions in order to avoid accidents. An interesting module for any beginner or experienced aviator. sequel

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