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Despite four years of foreign language classes at school, is your teenager still just gibbering a few phrases? Immersed in his unilingual environment, it is almost impossible for him to find real motivation and force himself to learn another language. In this context, it is out of the question for him to follow an online course, the interest is not there. What to do?

The language industry has understood it well: learning a foreign language for lazy people only succeeds well in immersion.

In immersion, one hardly has the choice to learn by all the senses, the level of necessity is suddenly increased. The theory of the language quickly finds its application, the interests and environments are varied, host family, tourism, friends, culture, sports, etc..., one can take the risk of openness and learn tons of words and expressions in context, which few courses could achieve in acceptable time.

And it works!

Here's a list of the top institutions and companies that offer language training and do so by speaking to you in French...

And on the way back, to continue to improve your skills, here are language courses and resources.

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