Publish at March 25 2019 Updated May 31 2022

The Status of Teachers and the Teaching Profession Worldwide - Report of Education International

Precariousness and low salaries... for the majority of teachers in the world -

Date: March 25 2019 to March 25 2020

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are unprecedented in their scope and level of ambition. But has the investment in tools, time and confidence for teachers matched these ambitions? The campaign for Education for All (EFA) and the massive wave of recruitment it provoked, with the hiring of unqualified and untrained personnel, have contributed to the erosion of the status of teachers in many parts of the world. With the SDGs in sight, is this a wake-up call to devote more resources to this vital profession?

The decline in the status of the teaching profession has been a much-discussed topic for some time. For the first time, a global study and a new report from Education International (EI) take stock of the issue. Entitled The Status of Teachers and the Teaching Profession in the World, the report describes the difficult conditions in which teachers must work and proposes a path to a more acceptable future. The author, Nelly P. Stromquist, a professor at the University of Maryland, draws on the results of a worldwide survey of 114 teacher organizations;The report is based on the results of a global survey of 114 EI-affiliated teacher organizations, covering all levels from early childhood to higher education.

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