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Directory of Student Exchange Programs

27 student exchange programs

What individuals have often begun to discover and appreciate from a distance, via the Internet, is often accompanied by a desire to see and experience...even more so when one is young.

International exchange programs abound and are enjoying prosperous years, even as voluntary exchange programs, such as the Rotary, turn away applicants. By dint of dating, from country to country, bonds are forged and a new way of seeing the world may emerge...

Most participants in these programs testify to a transformative experience, often accompanied by the learning of a new language, the acquisition of new habits, the development of friendships from all walks of life, and an easier understanding of the Other...


Directory of Student Exchange Programs


  1. AFS - American Field Service (Secondary)
  2. Alliance of Civilizations - United nations Alliance of civilizations
  3. Asse Int'l
  4. Global Journeys (Secondary)
  5. ISEP - International Students Exchange Program
  6. JET - Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
  7. Rotary Youth Exchange Program (Secondary)
  8. Students on Ice
  9. Study Experience
  10. TASSEP - Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program
  11. UNV - United Nations Volunteers
  12. Youth for Understanding (YFU)


  1. ACUFC - Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne
  2. Edu Inter
  3. Youth Canada World
  4. Katimavik
  5. Student Exchange Programs - Office of Interuniversity Cooperation
  6. Experiences Canada - Visits and Exchanges in Canada
  7. Uniterra - Volunteerism This
  8. YES - Youth Services Canada (Secondary)
  9. YMCA - Youth Exchanges Canada

France - Europe

  1. Erasmus
    1. Generation Erasmus
    2. Erasmus Entrepreneurs
  2. Micefa - Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination Echanges Franco-Américains
  3. Nacel - Exchanges and Courses
  4. PIE - International Exchange Program
  5. DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service
  6. WEP Windrose - Discover Belgium

Directory of Language-stay services

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