Publish at July 06 2015 Updated April 12 2022

A site to create a professional portfolio easily : Porfoliobox

An online platform for creatives to create and host a portfolio

Many artistic professionals need a portfolio to present their work. A promotional showcase for potential admirers, but also and above all for potential employers.

Architects, painters, designers, graphic artists or photographers can benefit from having an online portfolio that can be consulted by everyone and everywhere. However, not all of them have immense talent in the art of designing an interesting web page.

Here is a portfolio service : Portfoliobox; available in several languages, including French, it makes it easy to build a beautiful, sober online portfolio without ads. Once registered for free, the user will have to create one or more pages to display his work. He will choose which one will be the first one, his template, his URL, etc. Speaking of templates, dozens are offered as much for sorting images as texts, collections or blogs.

Then, the user can easily alter the layout of the different parts of the portfolio. The site contains many settings to change the colors and types of both pages and fonts for menus, buttons, etc. The portfolio logo can also be easily changed via a menu of its own. A fully customizable appearance that should spark some good experimentation sessions among users.

Besides, by clicking on the little cog, other elements can be modified. Whether it's the site settings or an online store (if there's a need), everything is covered. Even better, a page allows you to see the effect of the portfolio when viewed on a mobile device. A nice idea, knowing that more and more Internet users consult the Internet via these technologies. Finally, through this mechanism, users can access the comments and communications made on the site. Moreover, there is nothing to prevent posting links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other accounts.

Once you become a professional

The basic account allows you to create 10 pages, 10 products and upload 50 images. For the first thirty days, the pro settings are also unlocked. That means access to all templates, the ability to embed a Flickr or Instagram page, no-cost support and the use of Google Analytics to see portfolio traffic.

The advantage of the pro account (paid - about US$3.50 per month) is that it gives, in addition to everything mentioned, the chance to have a real domain name (.com), more than 1000 images, unlimited pages and articles and CSS/JS customization for those who master these languages.

So an interesting service and particularly used by photographers as shown by the examples on the site. A nice initiative to sort and display one's photography, painting, sculpture or other work on the Web.


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