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Digital Arts in School

Students shoot videos, record podcasts, produce presentations routinely but but those who enrich them with an artistic approach are the exception. Popularity, humor, prestige, aestheticism are valued, so why not artistic questioning as well?

About all artistic practices are going digital, even dance. Of course the visual arts, music, literature, photography continue their traditional practices but all can be enriched by the contributions of digital, 3D, interactivity, networking, exchanges and even virtual worlds.

Many art classes have remained with brushes while artists are taking over just about every medium and tool. From Vantablack to drones, ready-to-wear to Instagram, 3D printers to holograms, drone ballets to remote music performances, art practices and techniques are just begging to be taught to more people.

The art of creating, scripting, composing, communicating, and performing is in full swing. While authorities wish to put creativity and innovation in their priorities, the field of arts can be put to use in school in many more occasions and disciplines. An art is alive to the extent of its interactions. Advertising uses art, education can do so as well and with equal if not greater success.

Science is exploding our understanding of reality, as much on the microscopic scale as the astronomical or environmental; we need the arts and artists to understand its ramifications sensitively and reestablish our connection to the world. We can insert a little art into everything we do; creating soothes, enlightens, opens... creating feels good.

Denys Lamontagne

Illustration: Pexels - Pixabay

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