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Putting The Arts in STEM Education

Putting the Art in STEM is an activity focused, self-paced course designed to help educators

The course will provide teachers with an understanding of how to incorporate art topics into their existing STEM curriculum. The focus of this course is to provide skills that can be learned through the arts, that are transferable to all other STEM fields. The course will feature engaging activities on a limited budget so as to be accessible for every classroom. Each activity uses an inquiry lens to allow students to focus on aspects of art that are important to them and to build student agency and ownership around these topics.

What you'll learn

  • Learn the importance of art in education and the many skills it provides our students for the real world.
  • Learn how art skills can be applied to other STEM fields and in life.
  • Become more comfortable and confident integrating art into STEM lessons and activities.
  • Create inquiry-based learning activities based in art and STEM topics.
  • Find relevant resources that can be incorporated into your curriculum.
  • Build connections between art and other curriculum areas including core competencies, science, math and applied design skills and technologies.


Module 1: Introduction to Art in Engineering

Learn about why art is important and why it fits in with other STEM topics

Module 2: Transferable art skills

This module goes through various different skills that can be learned through art that are also transferable to other STEM fields and in life. Each skill includes an activity that can be used in your classroom.

Module 3: Real World examples of how art and creativity are used in STEM fields

How the future workforce is changing and how skills such as creative thinking, empathy, visualization and collaboration will become more needed. Learn examples of how people apply these skills in the real world.

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Photo : Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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