Publish at April 10 2017 Updated April 12 2022

SmARTify, the encyclopedia of the arts in your pocket

An application that detects and presents works of art

Interactive applications are increasingly appearing in museums to make them more attractive and to interest young people in a dynamic way.

If you are an art lover and would like to know more about a work, here is an application that could become your faithful companion on any occasion or serve as an educational tool in a school setting.

Designed to document you about a specific work, Smartify is a tool for smartphone and iphone that will allow you to identify a work by scanning it and offer you interesting information and anecdotes about it.

Inspired by Shazam, the famous tool that uses voice recognition to find a piece of music, Smartify works, on the other hand, through visual recognition.

Once the application is downloaded and launched, it will offer you to scan a work and then, thanks to augmented reality, propose interesting information about it, as well as anecdotes and sometimes audio documents.

Of course, the application is still evolving and is now collaborating with some museums and galleries partners in order to ensure that all the information available on the application is not in conflict with the artist or copyrights. Some information is in fact only accessible where they are authorized.

More than 800 galleries are currently accessible!


    The app also allows you to save your favorite works and thus build your own collection.

    You don't have to be in front of the original work to scan it, the tool works just as well with a catalog, magazine or other printed media and even on a computer screen.

    The setup offers a choice of multiple languages.

    Free and available on Android and iOSSmartify is a truly revolutionary and engaging tool that could find interest with young people or to perform a fun activity during a visit with school by making them an actor in their own education.

    Note, however, that although free, partnering galleries and museums will have access to your demographic and artwork information, but anonymously.

    To get you up to speed here is a video presentation



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