Publish at November 15 2011 Updated April 12 2022

Artsonia; school art finally distributed

With nearly 3 million members, a huge virtual art gallery and art you will find.

Artsonia is a site dedicated to showcasing graphic art produced in schools, from kindergarten through high school.

More than 92 million pieces of art and nearly 30,000 new pieces every weekday!  With over 3 million members, it's like a huge virtual art gallery and art you'll find.

Of course there are the daubs and crafts, but the quality is pretty high: you get your pride! Many original, interesting, sensitive works and especially pearls, small masterpieces that touch, the mind, the heart, the soul, the senses or the intelligence in as many points of view, stories, forms and ideas as it is possible to have.

The different pedagogical motives of the teachers can be detected in support of the emotions, intentions or ideas transmitted by the works of the young people, ranging from humor through abstraction, aestheticism, play, observation, experimentation, stylistic exercise, interpretation, to technical learning or decoration and no doubt other good ideas. 

The site allows you to find works by author, by school, by date, by merit (the works of the week, according to the accumulated votes (1000 and more!)) and also by keyword or theme.

Each author can explain his work and even his biography and put together a port-folio of his works.

The whole thing is free. The site is self-financed by the products you can order, products illustrated by the works you like: notebook, t-shirt, postcard, ceramic tile, etc., products that can be used in a school or family context. Almost brilliant: the works make gifts that are sure to be appreciated by loved ones! In addition, 15% of the proceeds are returned to the schools from which the students who sold work came.

This site allows for the work of aspiring artists to be recognized, emulated and disseminated. On a personal level, the portfolio, which grows year by year, allows one to track one's progress...and parents couldn't ask for anything better!


Video on Artsonia

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