Publish at April 04 2022 Updated April 12 2022

The domination of rap in the world

A documentary explains this rise to power

Rap music is now one of the most listened-to musical genres in the world. Yet it wasn't always that way. As this documentary produced by Le Monde reminds us, it took 1991 for everything to change in the United States. Because Billboard, the magazine that posted the charts, was not representative of what was really being sold. Then, the computerization of sales allowed us to have a real portrait of the preferences of music lovers. Suddenly, rap, a marginalized genre, was at the top.

And even though the record industry suffered in the early 2000s with illegal downloading, the musical style would be reborn thanks to digital. First of all, streaming services are totally changing the game. From now on, listening time surpasses sales. Thus, young people listening to rap music over and over again will increase these statistics.

In fact, some even talk about a slight overrepresentation of the genre on Deezer or Spotify. YouTube has also helped rappers go through a less heavy production mode than in pop or rock. No need to promote an upcoming album. Just release clips regularly (even weekly for some) to stay in the hearts of music fans.

Length: 39 minutes

Photo : Chase Fade on Unsplash

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