Publish at April 04 2022 Updated April 12 2022

Performing arts to understand Parkinson's disease

Bringing scientists and patients together

Scientists are working hard in the laboratory to understand diseases such as Parkinson's that affect millions of people around the world. Except that focusing only on tissues and laboratory animals leaves out the human dimension. This can be frustrating for people with the disease, but also for specialists who don't have access to all aspects of a pathology.

A special project has been developed in Canada: representing the reality of Parkinson's through the performing arts. Thus, the show "Piece of Mind" was created for and by researchers interested in the daily lives of patients.

The latter helped the dancers and musicians to more accurately depict the rhythm of a person's life, the blockages, the taking of medication, etc. An initiative to bring more empathy and understanding to the scientific community.

Duration: 9min26

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