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Directory of self-publishing sites

Self-publishing services

Self-published authors who make a living from their pen are only a handful... but we can take comfort in the fact that many have been spotted by publishing houses following modest successes on their own scale but which presaged a trend.

More numerous are those for whom the activity brings a satisfactory extra income, usually proportional to the effort put in at all levels: content, style, presentation, promotion, animation. Obviously, with a good network and already a certain reputation, this increases the chances of success.

But the vast majority of self-published authors never sell more than a few dozen copies, enough to satisfy the ego, but no more. The job of author-publisher is not easy. Easier is to make us believe we can self-publish and charge us for each book printed, leaving us to sell them.

So, here is our directory of self-publishing sites. Many offer help, forums, various promotional services, some are true showcases while others are limited to basic publishing. But no matter the level of success, a book remains a testimony, a sum of knowledge that is always interesting to share.

French self-publishing services

  1. Bookelis - France
  2. BouquinBec - Quebec
  3. Copy-Média - France
  4. Edilivre - France
  5. FeedBooks - France
  6. Hugo - Quebec
  7. Print My Book - France
  8. InLibroVeritas - France
  9. Publish my book (Numilog) - France
  10. Publish my book - - France
  11. Librinova - France
  12. Mon - France
  13. - France
  14. Publishroom - France
  15. Short Edition - France
  16. TheBookEdition - France

International self-publishing services

  1. Blurb - France - USA
  2. Books on demand - Germany
  3. CreateSpace (Amazon) - USA
  4. iBooks Author (Apple) - USA
  5. Kindle direct publishing - USA
  6. Kobo Writing Life (Rakuten) - Japan
  7. - USA
  8. Movellas - Den
  9. Smashwords - USA
  10. Substack - USA
  11. Wattpad - Canada

For the lazy, self-publishing is a relaxed formula:

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