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Podcast directory - podcasts. Getting started

Find them, listen to them, produce them

Podcasts: on the one hand we listen and consult them and on the other we prepare and produce them. 

On both sides we can use them in teaching and learning.  They allow students to better prepare before a course, to complete their training, to replay elements they would have misunderstood or missed, to share knowledge and even to keep some recordings.
The main advantage of the podcast over the video is that it does not take up all of our attention: we can continue to do other things such as walking, waiting, training, filing, preparing a meal, tinkering or even deciding to come back later without remorse if the action calls us.

Below you'll find the essentials of references for finding podcasts, listening to them, and also making them.


Finding Podcasts


Podcast sites

It is also possible to find podcasts on services such as Google Play, SoudCloud, Deezer, Spotify, iTunesU, and also on almost every radio media, they are almost all getting into it, but through various other proposals.

Once you have found an interesting source or author, it is obviously possible and convenient to subscribe to it and automatically receive its new podcasts without having to search for them every time.  As many people say, it becomes very easy to develop an addiction...


Listening to podcasts

All browsers are equipped to listen directly to podcasts on one's computer, but as far as mobility and podcast management is concerned, it is better to work with a dedicated player.

Podcast Players on Android

Podcast Players on Apple


Preproducing Podcasts

How to Produce Podcasts

Recording Services

Recording applications

Several dozen dedicated apps are available on Apple's Appstore and on Google Play for Android.


If you know of any other resources that should be added to this directory, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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