Publish at February 24 2019 Updated December 09 2021

A multiplayer game designed for people with disabilities

A unique and free fun challenge to play with others

We often discuss issues of serious games and video games in learning. Yet, as we know most of these game experiences are designed for able-bodied people, not living with a disability. We have also frequently dealt with titles developed by the Quebec company Ludociels pour tous. These manage to implement simple games that use only one or two buttons and can therefore be played by people with motor disabilities, for example.

Their latest creation HSH - Go! is no exception. However, this is a game thought more for multiplayer than for single player. You have to control a ball of light that will walk through a labyrinthine setting in order to activate eyes that will light up part of the course. The idea is that, in the end, they all have to be lit up again. However, you'll have to be quick because the opening time is limited. Fortunately, there are teleporters that allow you to walk around different corners of the level.

A thoughtful multiplayer experience

In fact, this game is meant to be very difficult to succeed alone. Already because you have to control everything with one touch, it is still necessary to master the movements. If you press and hold, the ball will move in the desired direction. To change, you have to press again.

Thus, several players can take different keys from a keyboard in order to successfully light up the level. They can then divide the eyes to activate or reactivate if they close before the end. Nevertheless, they will also have to struggle with the particular design of the level's lines which can sometimes trap a bubble. Nothing insurmountable, but the challenge proves more complicated than it looks.

So this is another great way to get young people with disabilities playing together.

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