Publish at October 16 2020 Updated January 20 2022

Create augmented reality, interactivity and more with Metaverse

Don't think it's easy!

Metaverse is a free tool for creating games, interactive stories and virtual reality. Creation is done on a computer but use is on a mobile device and allows for a wide variety of activities and educational and non-educational uses.

Getting Started

Although the introductory tagline says "Easily create interactive content," that's not really the reality, especially if it's augmented.  The learning curve can be arduous for a newbie, even more so if they're not fluent in English.

Yes students are enthusiastic, yes teachers recognize that young people easily get on board, but no, it is not easy to produce interesting educational experiences and it takes time.

Beyond these considerations, the tool is great and opens many possibilities for both students and teachers. Teamwork, hands-on use of technology, learning, demonstration or promotional applications and no doubt much more. More than 100,000 "experiences" are already produced and accessible. There are some gems to be found throughout but also many abysmal nullities. It takes some to get the others.

Discovering the tool and sharing the work

Time, young people have it and this suggests a focus for using Metaverse,  Young people apparently love creating with it: games, puzzles, location-based courses, virtual reality, etc. Teachers also have the opportunity to enrich their activities, as long as they have the support to do so. Once they have mastered the basics, they will be able to hand off to their students and mentor them appropriately.

Studio Metaverse

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