Publish at September 14 2021 Updated September 17 2021

Crewdle - Greener, peer-to-peer video conferencing system

A secure and simple serverless digital system for collaborative video conferencing and video calling.

Crewdle split screen

Communicate, but emit less... CO2

The digital share of global GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions is already 3.5% (March 2021) and will likely double by 2025. Almost 1% is devoted to video streaming. For example, watching 1 hour of video on Netflix generates more than 3 kg of CO2. It's certainly not less for a 10-person Zoom conference on a centralized server.

Crewdle offers a serverless, secure and simple digital system to connect and collaborate through video conferencing and video calls. The peer-to-peer system turns each participant into part of a relay team.

In other words, Crewdle has removed the servers that interfere between participants in a video call to make it safer, greener and more affordable. It's simple to use and there's nothing to download.

For individuals and businesses who want to do things better, Crewdle seems like a better solution.

It is free for 1-4 participants; $10/month plan for up to 12 participants, with meeting recording and other features.

Riveted to our screens, telecommuting or just keeping in touch with our families, loved ones and friends, our habits have changed without us always realizing the effects.


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