Publish at October 20 2021 Updated November 12 2021

Try Krisp for noise-free virtual classrooms

Eliminate all noise in your virtual meetings, courses and conferences.

The power of A.I.

If artificial intelligence is able to distinguish the image of a dog from that of a human, it should also be able to distinguish a yelp from speech.

If in addition it was able to identify the sound of a passing car, that of a siren, a door slamming, the clicks of keys on a keyboard, it could distinguish the sound environment of a conversation in progress. If in addition it distinguished an echo of the original sound, it could finally remove all extraneous noise from the flow of a conversation.

This is what the Krisp service offers.

Tried it

We tried it, and the result backs up the claims: audio conversations become frankly of better quality, rid of virtually all extraneous environmental noise.

  • In group conversations, there's no need to ask everyone to turn off their mics if they're not talking; noises are filtered out.
  • When an echo is generated, the echo is erased.
  • When sudden noises appear (passing car, child's scream, ringing) others don't hear them.
  • The neighbor's background music no longer disturbs the exchanges.
  • Background conversations are cancelled, etc.

Everything outside of a conversation is suppressed and exchanges become much clearer.

Of course, if you want to share music or a sound performance, you'll have to disable Krisp, which can be done easily via a button. If the audience wants to clap for you, you'll see hands waving, but almost no sound will come through. At most the conversation will be choppy if the noise is too loud.


Krisp adds a corresponding counter-wave to anything that isn't a conversation. This artificial intelligence has learned to recognize the various phenomena that distinguish a human voice and to reproduce them "negatively," that is, with a counter-wave that overlays and cancels out the original wave. Even a clack of a keyboard key or a clap is eliminated.

For example, if you play a recorded song, the singer's voice that has been digitized, compressed, transformed, has characteristics that distinguish it from a common conversation. The song will be totally filtered. We tested it: even with the volume at the maximum, nothing reached the interlocutor; at most the conversation was sometimes choppy. Normal, I myself had difficulty hearing what I was saying!  If I deactivated Krisp, the caller could only hear the music and could barely understand me.

The great thing is that only the initiator of the communication needs to install the application. The filtering works both ways.


  •  For all virtual classes and team meetings, Krisp gets rid of the irritating "turn off your microphone" mic control. Echo problems are eliminated.
  • For help centers, tutoring, etc. Krisp allows you to mute all background conversations.
  • For online lectures, audience noise, coughing, keyboard noise, paper noise, etc. Are eliminated.

Bref, this application offers a real improvement in the quality of online exchanges.

The application is free to download. It integrates with virtually all video conferencing services, including popular ones like Zoom, Meet, Skype, Teams, etc. Each user can use it at no cost for 240 minutes per week. (4 hours!).  Beyond that, the fee is $5/month.


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