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Bright Español - Practice with Global Exam

Standardized Spanish exam recognized worldwide

Bright Español

You are right to want to pass the Bright Español!

Bright Español is a defining benchmark for a large number of multinational companies in recruitment. It can also be used by schools or simply to evaluate one's schools or simply to assess one's own level of Spanish.

What is the Bright Español test

The Bright Español is one of 11 language tests administered by the Bright Language company. It is a language benchmark tool primarily used in professional and academic settings for recruiting employees and students from leading Spanish-speaking schools and companies.

The Bright Español test is used to determine a candidate's level of Spanish language proficiency. It is not a training course but an examination resulting in a certificate of competence.

The test lasts approximately 1 hour and consists of 120 questions in total, divided into 2 equivalent sections of 60 questions each. The first section of the test assesses written language comprehension, while the second tests the candidate's oral comprehension of Spanish. Most of the questions asked in the Bright tests focus on business-related topics such as trade, business communication and travel.

Pass your Bright Español with GlobalExam

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