Publish at January 24 2022 Updated February 04 2022

Those parents who decided to homeschool

A framework that allows for the monitoring of each child's specificities

For many parents, school allows them to take good care of their children and they can focus on their careers. Yet others instead want to be fully involved in their family's educational journey. Thus, some choose to homeschool.

This Brut feature shows two clans that have literally based their lifestyle on this educational approach. Bigs and littles study at the same time and embark on educational projects thought up by their parents. Indeed, these had to present a didactic plan to the state in addition to being controlled by inspectors to ensure that the children were at the same level.

A way of life that is freer and guarantees the consideration of the specificities of each little one, which the school cannot promise according to many families making this choice. However, the law against separatism passed in 2020 has put more obstacles in the way of parents wanting to offer this type of education. As a result, for them, the thinking wavers between accepting a return to the school or exiling themselves elsewhere in Europe.

Time: 5min36

Illustration : Jessica Lewis on Usplash

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