Publish at April 13 2022 Updated April 21 2022

IIEP in Action 2021 [Report].

Ten value chains guide IIEP's work with ministries of education around the world

At the worst of the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, more than 1.6 billion learners of all ages were affected, representing 94% of the world's school-going population.

During this period, IIEP supported the education systems of UNESCO's member states with key documents, policy recommendations, and technical support.

This support covered many areas, including coordination across sectors, safe reopening of schools, and ongoing support for learners, families, and teachers.

In 2021,

  • 1800 people from 130 states received IIEP training
  • 72 countries were supported in technical cooperation
  • 86 online events were held
  • 3.8 million people visited the site

This is a critical time for education globally. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the interactions between students, teachers and administrators, as well as the overall learning environment. It also accelerated innovation: in such a short time, schools around the world went online and embraced new technologies.

As countries continue to adapt and ultimately recover from the crisis, IIEP hopes that the lessons of this momentous period will help education systems better build for the future. IIEP will also host a new strategy in 2022-the 11th Medium-Term Strategy-to implement transformative change. We invite education practitioners - planners, policymakers, managers - to engage, plan, and build the future with us.

Ten value chains guide IIEP's work with its target audiences, particularly ministries of education around the world.

These value chains-defined in the 11th Medium-Term Strategy 2022-2025-are embedded in all of IIEP's training, technical cooperation, research and development, and knowledge-sharing activities, underscoring the Institute's commitment to the 2030 Global Education Agenda.

  1. Institutional capacity
    Building capacity at central and local levels
  2. Evidence-based policy
    Developing evidence-based policy learning
    Managing better for better learning
  3. Inclusion and equity
    Prioritizing inclusion and equity
  4. Skills
    Developing skills in a changing
  5. Resilience
    Building resilient education systems
  6. Governance
    Improving governance and transparency
  7. Monitoring and evaluation
    Monitoring and evaluating impact
  8. Teaching staff
    Supporting education staff
  9. Funding and budgets
    Link goals to budgets and funding

Download the "IIEP in Action 2021" report: French, English, Español,

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