Publish at April 26 2022 Updated May 03 2022

How do we choose what we eat?

The emotional aspect of appetite

Animals never have to wonder what the next meal will be. A large part of their existence lies in the ability to find their food. Humans knew this instinct a long time ago. Then, hunting and protein intake made his brain grow to the point of developing tools to feed himself. Today, supermarkets are overflowing with choices like never before.

As children, we usually have the satiety reflex capable of informing us when we have enough. However, as we grow up, this one fades away in favor of emotions. We shun foods that bring back bad memories and seek out those with the most positive connotations.

The food industry has understood this by offering manufactured products packed with sugar that take away the brain's ability to say to itself, "That's enough! We have enough energy!" Going back to a natural diet would allow us to avoid overeating.

Time: 25min33

Photo : Sander Dalhuisen on Unsplash

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