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Strategic Note -taking For Information

Understand the techniques and tips for note-taking, Note-taking strategies, How to take meeting notes etc

Note-taking is a written practice that has being with us for centuries. Note-taking is the practice of writing down or otherwise recording key points for information. It has it key significance from education to business and or other sectors of the economy take notes to aid them for information and decision making, notes taken on class lectures and discussions may serve as study aid, whiles note taken during interview may provide essential materials for an essay, article or books.

Note taken helps as to get the initial information first so we can type them together for effective information for reference and record use in the near future. Do you know that note-taken involves certain cognitive behavior, it is very important to note that writing notes help engage the brain in a very good specific and beneficial way that aid in keeping and retain the required information. Do you also know that taking notes involves active listening and carefully connecting information to ideas you already aware of. Note taking also seek questions and answers to information that arise from the materials in question.

There are so many methods of note-taking that are available to ensure that the note-taking is being than in a more professional way and by using the note to create and make meaningful ideas and have impact on the particular lesson being thought. Carefully taking good notes in class is an important part of academic success in the university, actively taking notes help you focus and better understand main concept. It is important to note that good note taken aid retention as far as learning is concern. It is important to go back to your notes after class to ensure that you gain the right information, if not then you need to cross check notes from your peers.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Effective Note-Taking In Class
  • Common Note-Taking Methods
  • Applications of Note-Taking
  • Simple Strategies For Taking Better Notes At Work
  • Most Influential Tips On How To Take Meeting Notes
  • The Best Summarizing And Note-Taking Strategies
  • Techniques And Tips For Listening And Note-Taking
  • How To Improve Your Note-Taking
  • Note-Taking With Technology
  • Common Note-Taking Mistakes
  • General Business Note-Taking Concept And Tips

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