Publish at January 25 2022 Updated February 04 2022

Teaching Online: Virtual Classroom Organization and Systems

Planning for online teaching

Virtual Classroom Organization and Systems is designed to help teachers plan a smooth and consistent online class. It covers the systems and processes you need to consider when starting a term virtually. This course is designed to help you think about what your virtual classroom might look like and how it might work. And it even takes a look at how teachers can be ready for a smooth transition from virtual to physical and back again if needed.

If you’re new to teaching or a veteran with years of experience teaching in the classroom, Teaching Online: Virtual Classroom Organization and Systems helps you shift your thinking into online mode. This course offers strategies you can use immediately to plan your term or year. The course centers around the concept of keeping things: Simple, Consistent, Engaging, and Supportive. The course workbook and built-in activities encourage you to plan your own systems based on what you’ve learned in the course. You leave this course with solid ideas to apply and a direction to build off of.

The course instructor, Laura V Coulter, spent nine years as a technology and learning coach in a high school. Her career spans elementary, middle, high school, and adult learning. When schools went on lockdown for the Coronavirus, it was her job to help teachers transition into the unknown realm of virtual classrooms. She designed this course as a live workshop for a global teacher’s group and then converted it into a self-paced online course.

What you'll learn :

  • How consistency plays a role in smooth experiences for teacher and students
  • How to support students in a virtual classroom
  • How to keep things simple by setting up a framework and staying focused on a few key items
  • How to engage students with the teacher and each other
  • Course content

    • Introduction
    • Module 1 : Simple
    • Module 2 : Consistent
    • Module 3 : Engaging
    • Module 4 : Supportive
    • Conclusion

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