Publish at April 17 2022 Updated April 20 2022

Psychology of Older Age / Gerontology

Understand developmental psychology, working and caring for older adults, mental health & disabilities

Are you interested in learning about psychology of 'older age'? Do you want to understand what the needs of older population are, what their challenges and concerns? 

Whether you are building a professional career as a therapist, coach, psychologist or carer, or you are learning for your own personal interest, you are in the right place!

In this course you will take 23 informative lectures where you will find out many interesting aspects:

  • What is the difference between 'Alzheimer’s disease' and 'dementia'
  • How we stereotype older people and how it affects them
  • What is 'developmental psychology'
  • Substance abuse in older people
  • How to improve health in older age
  • and much more!

This course is for :

  • Anyone who wants to learn about 'older age' psychology (gerontology)
  • Anyone who is interested in various topics related to psychology
  • Anyone who is planning their career in psychology and/or caring environment
  • Anyone who is looking after the elderly and would like to learn theories of 'old age'

Course content

  • About your course
  • Introduction to Psychology of Older Ager
  • Psychology of Older Age
  • Mental Health and Old Age
  • The Quality of Life
  • Improving Health and Wellbeing

To enroll, click here

Photo : CDC on Unsplash

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