Publish at June 12 2022 Updated June 12 2022

Pygame Summer Camp: Sugar Smash

Learn Python by making Games!

Over the course of these videos we'll build "Sugar Smash" a candy crush clone. The goal of this course is to get past the barrier to entry, and learn the fundamental skills to start building Python games. We'll also be using PyOpenAL, a wrapper for Open Audio Library. This course is targeted at a beginner level and we'll learn by doing. No 50+ hour slog, just a cool little game that gives us a chance to solve programming problems.

Experience in Python will be useful, but isn't necessary. We'll be starting from scratch, although to get a deeper understanding of topics a bit of independent research and experimentation will be invaluable. If you're interested in game development, or simply want to learn software programming principles while having fun, then this is the course for you. Code is provided with each video, which you're welcome to download and keep, but don't stop there! I encourage you to extend and modify the game when you're finished.

What you'll learn

  • Create a simple game with Pygame
  • Manage complexity as a game project grows
  • Solve programming problems
  • Use PyOpenAL to load and play sounds


  • Introduction
  • Pygame Basics
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Problem Solving

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