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Our immersion stay experiences almost always register as exceptional moments as they are the occasion of "firsts". First days away from parents, first adventures in nature, first confrontations with one's limits, first experiences with an autonomous group, etc. The spirit of camaraderie that can develop brings a breath of fresh air, an openness to the world that we sometimes discover with delight. We can envisage human relationships of solidarity and mutual aid that are very different from those of a family unit or a supervised school environment. The effect is most often beneficial, to the point that even summer universities try to reproduce this spirit of camaraderie.

The concept of immersion implies a form of disconnection from our habits, our routine, from what we normally bathe in, starting with the Internet. To be truly present and live the experience, disconnection from the internet becomes a frequent prerequisite. The digital world will continue to spin without us.

In arrangements different from our habits, we learn other things, or nothing at all, there is no external pressure. These opportunities for socialization and learning bring mostly concrete elements, opportunities for practice, exchange and new experiences as well as social, linguistic or culinary. We only have to live them to the best of our abilities, no one will hold it against us, as long as we are open to experiences.

As an adult, in response to a certain tourist insignificance, we will offer ourselves a cultural stay, a linguistic immersion in a foreign language, we will enroll in a summer school, a thematic camp, an archeological dig, a heritage restoration task or an agricultural activity. We will discover practices and ways of doing things, we will refine our tolerance to difference as well as rediscover our value, what we bring to others.

After a long period of social isolation, this need for meaning finds its culmination as much in what we can bring as in what we learn. Learning, to better grow, share and give back. Let's go ahead and dive in.

Denys Lamontagne - [email protected]

Illustration: Wavebreakmedia - DepositPhotos

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