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The unsuspected learnings of a summer of solidarity

Deciding on a summer of solidarity

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Summer is approaching and with it comes that desire for it to become unique by giving yourself access to a space of relaxation and uncommon fulfillment all year long.

There are many options for summer activities, projects and trips, but what to choose? How about deciding to discover the ones that touch on the solidarity dimension?

The option of the solidarity summer

The proposals of solidarity summer are numerous, let's detail it to get an overview that can support our choice whatever our availability and drive :

  • we become actors of change on the human and on the ground which motivates us and empowers us at the same time;
  • we put our talents to benefit others at the same time for us since we make them grow and we discover new ones;
  • we feel that we are of use and help to others and to ourselves; the oldest people often evoke this fact by saying that their life has a meaning for others and for them which increases their vital energy tenfold every day;
  • we are decisive levers for strengthening social cohesion where it is most needed;
  • we lend a hand to those most fragile;
  • we contribute to reversing inequalities of access in all areas;
  • we perpetuate positive values that are important reference points for the well-being of our societies that are created through moments of solidarity sharing.

In sum, the solidarity dimension considerably amplifies all the learning and sharing of the people who participate, which has a significant effect in their life paths.

The proof: ask those for whom their choice of a summer or time in solidarity is imperative. Their answers are filled with joy and pride to contribute in what is deepest: the human aspect connecting us for a better living together in the respect of each one, of the territories and of the environment. What is most surprising and touching are the sparks in the eyes of both sides of the solidarity act. In a well-framed solidarity relationship, everyone wins deeply.

The act of solidarity enlarges our vision of the world, of cultures and people. It can even bring us closer to spiritual well-being, even to a better understanding of what it is for each person and for us. Sometimes people become supportive because they have been away and learned to be supportive internationally. Others, they have always done it locally which strengthens their daily lives with their meaningful actions that shine through in a lasting way, no matter how many years have passed.

Think before you act; review your representations and motivations around being in solidarity; do you have to go imperatively to the other side of the world to be in solidarity? This guide from Ritimo seems to me a great asset since it makes visible and encourages to continue to engage with local solidarity.

Where and how to become a solidarist?

You can be a solidarist during the summer holidays in multiple ways, it's up to you to find the formula in agreement with your motivations to change the world and the needs in demand:

I've gotten a taste of volunteering, to name a few personal examples, in tutoring, then locally but internationally by being an Olympic volunteer at the reception for rowing in Banyoles during the XXV Summer Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, and then as a volunteer translator at an international Eurobasket event in Girona and then as a volunteer in learning the Catalan language in Catalonia.

The notion of time spent has been far outweighed by all that these exchanges, sharing, and experiences have given me in return.

Good summer of solidarity!

Image from OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay


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