Publish at November 29 2021 Updated November 29 2021

Adobe Photoshop CC – Essentials Training Course

This Adobe Photoshop Essentials course will teach you Photoshop Retouching as well as Photoshop for graphic design.

Are you struggling to learn Photoshop on your own? This course will allow you to use Photoshop professionally. You will be able to add Photoshop to your CV & start getting paid for your Photoshop skills. In this course Dan Scott, certified Adobe Instructor, will teach you everything you need to know about getting started with Photoshop. You'll learn how to use Photoshop for use in Graphic Design & for Photoshop Retouching. You will create lots of your own projects that you can add to your own portfolio to help your employment.

This course is for beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge of Photoshop, photography or design. We will start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step. You will learn the Photoshop 'secret sauce' whereby we will magically enhance our background and when necessary completely remove people from images. There are exercise files available to download so that you can follow along with the videos. There are lots of assignments he will set so that you can practice the skills you have learned.


  • Adobe Photoshop, preferably the latest CC (Creative Cloud) version.
  • No prior knowledge or experience with Photoshop is required

Course content

  • Layers
  • Color & Adjustment Layers
  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Layer Styles
  • Cropping
  • Selection & Masking
  • Filters
  • Smart Objects
  • Transform & Distort
  • Retouching
  • Blending Modes
  • Visual Styles
  • Artboards
  • Color modes & Resolution
  • Brushes
  • Shadows
  • Export

To enroll, click here

Photo : Tranmautritam on Pexels

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