Publish at May 10 2022 Updated May 16 2022

Swedish disillusionment for Afghan expatriates

Afghan asylum seekers see their project crumble

Many Afghans have left a land of conflict for better skies. Sweden had, during the 2015 migration wave, received more than 160,000 asylum applications. A staggering amount for the Swedish immigration services trying to regularize all these people. In addition, the climate has become very hostile against immigrants. Thus, little by little, hundreds of applicants have nevertheless returned to a country that is increasingly dangerous and back in the hands of the Taliban.

This report follows the realities of a young man trying to escape deportation, another who hopes to get his nationality thanks to a law giving a chance to those who entered the territory as minors and others who found themselves catapulted to Kabul. However, it should not be assumed that all Swedes agree with these policies. Some are advocating against these deportations, harboring "illegals," and Afghans who have received their citizenship are trying to help the young refugees.

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