Publish at May 20 2022 Updated May 25 2022

To get students to complete their courses, have them play

Xperiencify proposes its formula in 7 points

A person who does not complete a course is unlikely to purchase another. The value of improving the student experience is immediately apparent. Xperiencify  claims that the most effective way to get people to complete an online course is to get them to play.

In fact, even if a course is well designed, competing external attractions are likely to grab the student's attention, whereas if the course is as interesting as it is fun to take, the student will see no point in leaving. Focused one does not see as much time passing.

Based on the premise that virtually everyone who wants to take a course is potentially a gamer, all that remains is to develop consistent ways to play in and with the course.

Xperiencify offers its method in 7 triggers that are no match for video games:

  1. Accumulating points

    Simply put, points serve as a witness to progress, achievement, effort, etc. We want more. Every action can earn points or open doors. What to do with points? Avatars, content, privileges. deductions on an upcoming course or just a nice badge to put on the networks.

  2. Unpredictable bonuses

    We don't know what we'll earn... and we're curious to find out. So one scratches the box, puts in the effort and gets an answer, even if it's nothing at all or the grand prize, either way one has earned the answer to one's curiosity.

  3. Emergency, for a limited time

    Whether it's a countdown to a perk, a piece of content that will be deleted or access to it will be lost, the effect is the same: one will put in the extra effort if it's worth it, matter of pride.

  4. Social recognition

    Badges, awards, comparisons, certificates, announcements on social networks, being recognized and encouraged by others adds strong motivation to persevere.

  5. Community

    A simple word of welcome signals to the student that he or she is not alone. Feedback and encouragement from a tutor or supervisor can be added. Chat rooms and discussions, opportunities to see what others are doing and to show off what you are doing, get you out of your bubble and encourage you to keep going and do at least as well.

  6. Celebrations

    When a milestone is achieved, we give ourselves a pat on the back in some form or another. If you reach a record too, if you exceed your goals, if you pick up after giving up, if you succeed, it's worth noting.

  7. Personalization

    A mix of human attention and artificial intelligence can provide support and backing at the right times. Someone intelligently commenting on what has and hasn't been done, pointing you to the right content, offering relevant quizzes or referring to good content all keep students motivated.

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