Publish at September 07 2022 Updated September 07 2022

These Congolese who dream of space

Pioneers seek to create an African space program

Most of the world's major powers have a space agency. Europe, Russia, the United States and China, among others, have their representatives going into space. The African continent, on the other hand, seems very far from the cosmic dream. This does not discourage some. This Arte report shows the potential galaxionauts, engineers in training or confirmed who are trying to place Africa in this human conquest.

Evidently, they are very far from being able to go into space yet. Already, very few Congolese can afford to study engineering on a monthly salary of about $44. Nevertheless, some have seen their parents sacrifice part of their income and these students make it a point to combine studies and work to support themselves. All this while working on the first Congolese rocket, Troposphere VI, which would be able to put a satellite into orbit. Initial tests on smaller craft have strongly encouraged Jean-Patrice Keka and his team.

The equipment there is obviously far from that of the big powers, relying on recycled components. These brains are trying through their efforts to sweep away the idea that the Congo would have no place in space exploration. For now, they can only rely on their means and a donation from a Swiss scientist who is very interested in this initiative.

They hope, one day, that the public authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo will invest in this and other projects.

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