Publish at September 15 2022 Updated September 16 2022

Descript: the extraordinary way to edit videos and transcribe them

Video editing moves into the intelligent age

You produce videos or podcasts as a trainer, teacher, lecturer, webinar leader or simple youtuber and

  • either you are more or less satisfied with the quality of your productions and you are content with them and your students,
  • or you spend an inordinate amount of time reassembling them on software seemingly made for professionals, which becomes discouraging and doesn't encourage you to produce them often.

Here's a service that has found the smart and convenient way to edit and reassemble a video or podcast with ease and speed. This way, one can eliminate all the uh, downtime, awkwardness, interruptions and anything else you don't like.


The genius of Descript is that it first performs the description of your video or audio production in text form, linked to your production; then, anything you eliminate from the text is also deleted from the video or audio. On the language side, Descript can do it in... 22 languages including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Where it gets really amazing is that you can replace text with other text and have it spoken by your voice in the video and thus constantly improve your productions. Overdubbing becomes accessible to everyone.

For editing, it then becomes easy to thread all the desired footage through text and not image, eliminate dead time, add more sections, take into account comments received, changes needed and other vagaries that happen to online courses, without having to re-record and reassemble everything.

Both importing and exporting is easy and the most common editing options as well as collaborative work are possible.

This presentation pretty much sums up what it is all about.
The basic service is free and includes 3 hours of transcription.


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