Publish at November 08 2022 Updated November 09 2022

The place of pleasure in an unjust world

Moving away from moralistic approaches

The world is not going well. One need only glance at the headlines to be reminded of that. Nevertheless, we all seek in this dreariness to make ourselves happy. On this come some people who, although full of good will, become rather moralistic of the little moments of happiness, especially if they turn out to be less ecological, not respecting the dignity of certain workers, linked to animal cruelty, etc.

Philosopher Michaël Fœssel has taken an interest in the notion of pleasure, especially on the left, which seems to have pushed it away. This would explain, according to him, that many will prefer the political right because it "defends small joys." In a world that already makes a huge amount of imperatives about career, money or family, getting guilted into buying foie gras creates even more tension.

For him, the question of enjoyment must be taken up by left-wing movements. He will cite, for example, the strikes of 1936 when women and men protested against the bosses by singing, dancing and playing in the factories. The Yellow Vests movement had, at its beginning, taken this turn with people who, at the beginning, demonstrated in good humor and music on traffic circles and tolls.

Thus, it would be necessary not only to bring back the pleasure in activism but also to show different alternative types. No longer be in the constant injunction of the good but propose through the festive and guilt-free discourse other approaches, different methods so that the idea of transition is ignited without it being seen in a pejorative way.

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