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Understanding quantum intelligence and its challenges

How quantum science and AI are transforming humanity's consciousness.

Techno spirit

"The power of quantum computing is called upon to develop artificial intelligence, and vice versa, since the two sciences are complementary."

Source: Quantum and Artificial Intelligence in Quebec: UdeS at the Heart of Promising Prospects - 20.10.2020

Has artificial intelligence reached its limits? Problem of managing complexity, of ethics, of discernment, of understanding common sense? Maybe, but let's look at it another way; what if in fact artificial intelligence was what parchments were to books 500 years ago, just before the Renaissance?

"Artificial intelligence, a technology with incredible potential, is nevertheless faced with a major problem: the limitation of the computational capacities of conventional computers to execute heavy algorithms. Each feedback given by an artificial intelligence is indeed based on the calculation of probabilities for many possible choices. Although the power of our equipment has increased tenfold in the last thirty years, it seems that traditional computing will not be able to solve some problems.

By multiplying the computational potential of artificial intelligence systems through its combinatorial power, the quantum computer could not only reduce learning times and processing times for many artificial intelligence applications, but also improve reasoning and understanding.

Quantum could thus be one of the technical solutions to bring artificial intelligence into a new era in terms of security and algorithm execution speed. Such a breakthrough could provide an unprecedented boost to many sectors, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), natural language processing, or even autonomous vehicles, a field that requires a computationally intensive set of calculations, which become increasingly difficult as more complex data and relationships are added within variables."

Source: Seven Areas Impacted by Quantum Computing - 16.12.2020

Many realize that we are at the first stage of a new world. What world? If I only knew... but let us be surprised by the unspeakable science of quantum. If we look at the past models, it is very clear that it will pass through the understanding of the world that is announced quantum. The one who will master the understanding of the quantum knowledge will have all the assets to surf on the wave and those who will remain blind, will undergo it because they will remain in the certainty of their past. And, this is where the school has a fundamental role to play by awakening young minds to a different understanding than the one we cling to.

By popularizing these complex mechanisms, through quantum philosophy, quantum science, quantum communications... our ecosystems will shift to a different understanding of our world and its mysteries.

"Although no quantum computer is yet sophisticated enough to perform these calculations, governments, tech giants and investors, on the other hand, are already preparing for this revolution in the making. A real race to the quantum computer, largely motivated by the technological upheaval that this machine should bring. And for good reason: the nation that takes the lead in quantum computing is expected to play a leading role in the future."

Source: Quantum: a new industrial revolution? - 16.12.2020

The first steps we are going through are of the nature of the discovery of this science and, if today the applications are hardly imaginable in our daily life, we have to go and look for them as fields of the possible in science fiction for example. Because if we imagine objectives, applied solutions, research tracks, it is easier to produce domestic applications than with only notions of fundamental sciences.

But let's keep our feet on the ground: already quantum philosophy influences societies. Just as quantum computation is opening up gigantic opportunities.

"By multiplying the computational potential of AI systems, future quantum computers could well revolutionize many industrial sectors. And more broadly, computing and artificial intelligence...

Is the future of computing, Big Data and AI in quantum computers? By relying on the quantum properties of matter, these super-powerful calculators, which have yet to be really built, should in the more or less near future allow us to perform complex calculations, unfeasible with current machines.

Unlike the classical digital system, which relies on data coded in binary digits, quantum computing uses the "quantum bit", or "qubit". Unlike the "bit", which takes either the value of a 0 or the value of a 1, the "qubit" is a linear combination. It can take the value 0 or 1, but also both together. Thus, a quantum computer should make it possible to perform parallel calculations, simultaneously, and no longer sequentially as with our current machines.

In such a perspective, by multiplying the potential of calculation, the practical applications of such a technology are bound to be numerous, from health to chemistry, through industry, computer security, autonomous cars, energy, or even transportation and traffic management. The promise of the qubit seems limitless - so much so that there is talk everywhere of a quantum "revolution."

Source: How the quantum computer will revolutionize AI, computing and industry - 1.08.2018

The uses of super-powered computation will have effects in many parts of our lives and also and above all on the power of artificial intelligence, which today is reaching its limits with classical computing technologies. Artificial intelligence associated with quantum computer technology seems to form the intricate duo of the coming century.

We are already talking about the Metaverse with ordinary technologies, but tomorrow, what will our world, our communications, our social interactions, look like... what effects on our way of seeing the world? To think? To live? To love? To move in the memory of time or in its reality. The fields of possibility seem infinite and, above all, unprecedented.

"Quantum science and engineering

Quantum science and engineering are bringing a new paradigm shift in the way we process data, communicate, measure, and compute. With their multidisciplinary profile, quantum engineers thrive in this new technological frontier that has the potential to revolutionize our society."

Source: Quantum Science and Engineering - EPFL Curriculum

Would our human nature be quantum? In a world that is also quantum? This is what scientific theories are pushing everyone's knowledge towards. Our world is composed of 3 scales, the infinitely small, the infinitely large and the scale of life that we live in consciousness. The more science advances, the more the infinitely small is explained by the quantum. On the other hand, the infinitely large, in response to galactic phenomena, is oriented towards the resolution of space-time problems for the conquest of this same space. And the more we advance, the more we understand that the phenomena, the systemic, are similar.

So, would the space world where we live escape these mechanisms. You would affirm it to me that I would not believe you, because our feet are already in the same movement. As we can only understand what we can apprehend, we must believe that we are in the phase of understanding. Is it a good? Is it a bad thing? I don't think we have to look at it that way. It's something we're discovering but it's been around since the world began.

"The theory of quantum consciousness attempts to provide an answer. It assumes that consciousness emerges from a complex neural computation and would have arisen during biological evolution as an adaptation of living systems, extrinsic to the composition of the universe.

This theory considers the human brain as a quantum computer that can perform extraordinary computations. In contrast, ordinary computers with artificial intelligence appear limited. The quantum mind is present in all scales of the universe. Like Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Karl H. Pribram and Henry Stapp, quantum consciousness theorists advocate the interdependence of many elements of life. These include matter, time and motion."

Source: Quantum consciousness: here's everything you need to know

Why is this only coming up now? Perhaps because it required a certain maturity of several sciences to get there, but above all it also required a motivation, a need, a saturation, a blockage, which perhaps the technological limitation of Artificial Intelligence caused in order to achieve its own goals.

There are also surely other factors to these mutations of knowledge but, so undetectable at this time, so tenuous that they are shadows, seeds to germinate to become plants that will then be visible to the eyes of all later, one day. As a futurist, I can say that the spontaneous generation of ideas, of sciences does not exist, it is always a slow maturation that will build a future not imaginable at this time or maybe imaginable by some science fiction writers... 

  "One can also ask how quantum principles are used in machine learning. Since this learning works through a statistical process, we have good reason to believe that quantum will provide new answers. A quantum machine-learning algorithm, using a probabilistic method, would then have the ability to identify connections that were previously impossible to discern."

Source: What's in store for QUANTIC artificial intelligence? - 3.07.2021 -

And there are the science gas pedals of which NASA, ESA is a part, how many products, technologies have emerged from these missions into space. They are a condensation of media power, associated with funding and strategic projects. An extraordinary ground to create extraordinary things. Mastered inventions, others spontaneous that have swarmed in our daily life materials, products, advanced technologies applied to our daily lives.

Today NASA is seeking to unravel the mysteries of the universe that seem to fit well with the quantum understanding of the world. What effects will this have on our world? There is talk of teleportation, for example. I was talking about science fiction, but in fantasy universes such as Star Trek, Stargate and other TV series or books, this technology has already been dreamed of and it seems to be a goal today to move through the immensity of space. And, maybe one day we won't need a car to get around?

  "Digital Twin Earth, quantum computing and artificial intelligence take center stage at ESA's Φ-week...Quantum computing has the potential to improve performance, lower computational costs, and solve previously intractable problems in Earth observation by exploiting quantum phenomena, such as superposition, entanglement, and tunneling.

This initiative requires creating a quantum capability that will have the competence to solve demanding Earth observation problems using artificial intelligence to support programs..."

Source: Digital Twin Earth, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence Take Center Stage at ESA's Φ-week - 28.09.2020

If quantum physics affects science, affects our technologies, affects the way we live, it will likely affect our communities as well.

Are we one or multiple? Are we part of a great collective flow like the shapeshifter in Deep Space 9 who will join the collective flow of his community, like a huge river of energy flowing over his planet or like the Borg, a less rag-tag example in Star Trek, who annihilate other civilizations through cyber augmentations and nanotechnologies that allow them to have only one collective consciousness? It's not impossible.

"Quantum physics and collective consciousness

You agree with me that humanity is governed by a principle of individuality and individuals observe from different centers. So we can consider how we experience collective realities.

In fact, since all individuals are bound to the same center of gravity, a consensus is established with respect to the observed realities. We therefore live the same experiences, because our individualities merge and undergo the same influences from the Earth, which remains the core. Quantum consciousness and collective consciousness are then closely related."

Source: Quantum Consciousness: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes science looks for something and finds something else. It is by wanting to pierce the phenomena of space and time that quantum fields have emerged and one thing leading to another, it is artificial intelligence that will benefit from it. Why? Because  by becoming global, by becoming one, this phenomenon has encompassed  all the complications of each ecosystem to interrelate them in a way that is both solid and inextricable.

However, we must deal with this in a positive way because unraveling the whole to go backwards is not possible. The past is behind us and we cannot erase the traces of the present. Our sense of life is from the past to the future for the time being. And, it seems to me, it is our biological nature that still governs us in this direction for a very long time. But, what is magical is that this complexity and its miracles of life will make sense with this new science that seems hyper complex but, explained simply through unexpected biases, seems to mirror other beliefs or realities.

"Let's take two electrons. (Actually it doesn't matter what you take; the effect works just as well with photons, atoms or molecules... Both are single, quietly going about their business... of electrons. Then one day, a physicist decides to create the conditions for them to meet. The two of them have a blast and start interacting physically! Finally, like any self-respecting love story, our two lovers are brutally separated. This subatomic drama that you have just created is called quantum entanglement.

And that's where the magic happens. Hold on to your hats: now the quantum state of one electron is completely determined only by considering the other electron. In other words, they share the same quantum state, whatever the distance between them! In other words, the measurement of the first electron instantly changes the state of the other, even if the latter is at the other end of the universe!"

Source: Quantum Entanglement, or the Dream of Instant Communication - June 24, 2013

Maybe indeed the quantum explained by love can also explain love itself. In any case, I hope that a better world for all will emerge from all this. But, it will not come from a spontaneous generation.

Schools are going to have an important role to play there in popularizing and training future professionals who will enter these new fields to explore and grow. We are part of a whole. The school must anticipate the future and accompany it. If millions are injected into these sciences, it means that there will be researchers who develop theories but also products that will need to be created and so on to form a new ecosystem for living together tomorrow.

Image source: Pixabay Geralt

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