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Artificial Intelligence in a frenzy - Try more than hundreds of public applications

Tour of artificial intelligence applications in all fields. Stunning!

New York by Deep Art Effects

The arrival of artificial intelligence is not easily compared with earlier technical breakthroughs because, unlike inventions such as the computer, the internal combustion engine, the microscope, or the printing press, it does nothing special in itself other than increase the scope of virtually all previous technical breakthroughs.

For example, if the telescope allowed us to probe the depths of space, we were soon overwhelmed by the myriad of celestial bodies whose evolution and interactions we cannot ultimately follow humanly. With an A.I. we can.

This kind of situation can be found in almost every field where large numbers are involved. Biology, human sciences, physics, chemistry, politics, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, it becomes possible for us to find and create relationships that are beyond human capacity, either in terms of time of realization, capacity of observation, memorization or simply persistence of attention.

Here are some recent applications of A.I., to make us dream or worry.


  • Poised - Your personal coach to improve your speaking and presentation. A training gas pedal.
  • ProfessorBob - From your course books or various unstructured sources, generates thousands of exercises and activities. A new era in pedagogy is coming.
  • Reading Progress - A.I. dedicated to learning to read. Great and free


  • Canva Image Generator - Generate images from your primers, with Canva quality.
  • Cleanup Pictures - Remove any object, defect, person, text from an image in seconds.
  • Craiyon - Generate images from words, concepts, ideas. Primitive but interesting results.
  • Designs.AI - A particular aesthetic? Here it is tailored to your needs.
  • Dall-e-2 - By Open A.I., generates images from words, concepts, ideas. More sophisticated but moderate results.
  • Deep Art Effects - Transform any photo or image into a particular style style. Systematized cultural appropriation, Impressive.
  • Jasper Art- Creates not only images, but also text, headlines, and takes inspiration from what's "trending" on the internet. Crazy!
  • Lensa AI - This app transforms your personal photos the way you want them.
  • Magic Eraser - Removes what you want from an image by restoring the background. Create images from ideas.
  • Midjourney AI - A rather disturbing art generator.
  • Mokker - Photos of your products in different generated environments, with lighting and shading.
  • Pebblely - Say what environment you want and your product will be highlighted. Like Mokker
  • Stockimg.AI - Generate images, posters, logo, wallpaper, book covers, posters from a primer.


  • - Your speech or dictation transcribed into 130 languages and accents, live and online. By Google
  • Krisp - Rid your communications of anything that isn't your conversation, live. Impressive.
  • Midomi - Hum a song and Midomi will find out what song it is.  A service supported by SoudHound
  • Murf.AI - Recites your lyrics in a professional and vivid way.
  • Prime Voice AI - Copies your voice, intonations, delivery, style and makes it say what you want. English only, for now. By EleverLabs. Troubling.
  • SoudHound - Provides voice command interpretation in all sorts of industries and applications.


  • AIVA - Music composed by an A.I. according to the style you choose, general or specific. As with graphic art works, but here for musical works.
  • Flow Machines - First foray into music composition by A.I. - Sony Music project. App
  • JukeBox - By Open AI - Project developed by Open AI.  Source code is available on GitHub
  • Mubert - Generate music in any way you want, even from text! Enough to make your music cup overflow.
  • Vocal Remover - Algorithm removes the voice from the music frame. Great for producing karaoke frames.


  • Bard - Google's answer to ChatGPT...still overdue
  • Chat GPT - Ask your question, A.I. will answer it with the full power of Open AI. Impressive.
  • Copy AI - Writes optimized text. Useful for those lacking imagination.
  • DeepL Write - Improve writing style, correct mistakes, rephrase sentences. Precursor to the new art of writing. Available in English and German, but other languages are coming soon.
  • Excel Formula Bot - Turns your text instructions into Excel and Google Sheets formulas. "Summation of columns A and B when column D is before January 1, 2023."
  • Friday - Content writing tool, of all kinds.
  • Giant Language model Test Room - An IBM Watson tool that uses the same probabilistic logic to tell if a text is generated by an A.I. as the one used to generate it.
  • GPT-2 Output Detector Demo - A tool to check if a text was composed by an A.I. An A.I. is too perfect!
  • HyperWrite - Writing assistant for Chrome users.
  • Jasper Art - Creates text, headlines, but also images and is inspired by what's "trending" on the Internet. Crazy!"
  • Lia 27 - An emotionally accommodating but ultimately silly conversational A.I.
  • Longshot - Fact GPT - Editorial assistant. Think Chat GPT, but with sources and citations and a plagiarism checker.
  • PepperType - Writes sales-optimized copy.
  • Perplexity - A competitor to Chat GPT that is more concise but details its sources.
  • Rytr - Email and other copywriting wizard.
  • Scalenut - SEO copywriting at the next level, using data from your target domain. Ouch!!
  • Shortly - Your assistant copywriter.  Out of inspiration? It'll hardly ever appear.
  • Talk to books - Ask a question, A.I. will find an answer in millions of books. Different.
  • Tome - Tells stories from a primer and can enhance it with equally artificial visuals or videos. Enough to perplex many a creator.
  • WriteSonic - Writes about anything, for you.

  • A.I.-written text detectors - Thot Cursus


  • Otter - Meeting transcription, conversation...
  • Supernormal - Online meeting transcription - A bit invasive, requires our calendar.
  • Whisper - Transcribes any speech to text (video, podcast, meeting, radio...) - Open code. Another Open AI service


  • AlphaFold - An achievement by DeepMind that clearly shows the potential of A.I. to solve complex problems. Nothing to play with, but a remarkable achievement in biological research: predicting the 3D shape of proteins and their behavior with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Dactyl - By Open AI - Train an artificial hand to become as skilled as a human hand. It will be able to type, play the piano, pass the Rubik's cube with one hand...etc.
  • Wordtune Read - No time to read everything, this A.I. reads for you and summarizes it all for you. Document submitted and summarized in seconds.


  • DeepL - Currently the gold standard, but the competition is closing in
  • Google translation - Ambitious but still lame, 100+ languages


  • Assembly AI - Transcription and analysis of audio and video documents. If you have 10 years of audio or video content to transcribe, this application is absolutely necessary.
  • Make-A-Video - Like Dall-e, but for video. A Meta project.
  • Steve AI - Creating videos and animations from sources you choose
  • Synthesia - Videos from your texts. Dozens of avatars with realistic realistic expressions will read your texts as real people, in several languages.
  • Topaz AI - Video editing, restoration, image enhancement
  • Wisecut- A.I. assisted video reediting Sound and image...

Video hypertrucages

And finally, we won't be updating this list anymore, another site is now doing it much better than us : There's an AI for that - already over 2200 listed.

Illustration: New York by Deep Art Effects

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