Publish at February 01 2023 Updated February 01 2023

Self-biohacking with microchips

A biohacker decided to make her body a key or a business card

The issue of transhumanism is still a bit of a blur to many people. After all, we know of few people who have modified their bodies to incorporate technology. Yet they do exist, and little by little, their presence will lead to many philosophical and ethical discussions.

This Brut story follows Amie Dansby, a software engineer at a video game company, who has decided to do some "biohacking" on herself. Thus, she carries three microchips (like those of pets) allowing her, among other things, to open the door of her residence, to provide a presentation of her on a smart device or even to operate her Tesla car. Moreover, for this last one, she literally had to create her implant since it does not exist yet. These implants are not connected to the Internet. They use the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology found on smart devices. So, they only work at small distances and cannot be "hacked."

The woman has generated a lot of reactions. The negative ones talked mostly about encouraging drift or sometimes quoted biblical passages. She actually found it difficult since she never tried to convince anyone to follow her example. However, she has received many positive testimonies as well, including those from young girls who were inspired by her journey to go into the scientific or computer fields.

She is well aware of the questions that this "biohacking" raises. On the other hand, she wishes to generate deep discussions on this topic. Especially since more and more people are interested in it. In 2022, there were nearly 100,000 in the world who decided to use and implement this technology.

Warning, the report contains some scenes of operation, although they are not very graphic and supported by the direction.

Length: 12 minutes

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