Publish at March 08 2023 Updated March 08 2023

The world of fanfiction

When aspiring authors use folk heroes

James Bond saving the world with Pinocchio, Harry Potter teaming up with Thor, or Snow White falling madly in love with Indiana Jones; all of these stories have never been official, yet it's quite possible that they exist online. Indeed, the Internet has allowed the emergence of an "underground" literature using pop culture heroes. It has become very easy for aspiring authors to engage in alternative versions or extensions of their favorite universes with fan sites and to self-publish.

While this is still seen as sub-literature, E.L. James managed to become a successful writer after modifying her Twilight fanafiction where Bella and Edward engaged in sadomasochistic pleasures. These changes would lead to the three "50 Shades of Grey" books, which were by no means masterpieces in terms of writing but still reached a wide audience.

The authors of these fictions mainly wanted to exchange with other fans, receive positive feedback on their writing and improve their literary style. All this while using worlds and protagonists that they are passionate about. On the other hand, in recent years, fanafiction is meeting with a bit less success as popular phenomena keep on replacing each other, never leaving a break.

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